Loyola University Chicago

Human Resources

Employee Assistance Program

The University offers an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) to help find solutions to issues and difficulties of daily life, and provide supportive materials designed to help you live a balanced lifestyle. This program is offered at no cost through Perspectives, Ltd. and is available to all employees and their families. 

Assessment, referral, and short-term counseling services are provided at no cost. If a referral includes ongoing counseling for mental health or substance abuse, Perspectives will help coordinate the referral with insurance, as appropriate. A variety of assistance is available to faculty, staff, and their families, including:

  • Individual counseling on a wide range of personal and work issues;
  • Supervisor and manager consultations;
  • Work-life services;
  • Workshops and seminars for departments; and
  • Wellness and educational material and resources.

Perspectives follows all state and federal confidentiality laws. No information is shared without your written permission except where required by law. No record of EAP participation will appear in your personnel file. 

Appointments by Phone
To schedule an individual appointment with one of Perspectives' licensed professionals, call 800.456.6327. Perspectives schedules appointments weekdays from 8:00AM – 6:00PM, and has 24-hour/7-day-a-week emergency services. 

Online Resources
To access Perspectives online, please go to www.perspectivesltd.com.

  • Username/access code: LOY500
  • Password: perspectives

The Perspectives website features topics of the month with webinars, tips and resources easily accessible from the homepage. This website is useful in many ways:

  • Learn how to improve relationships relating to caregiving, college life, family, interpersonal, military, parenting, and self-care
  • Health Risk Assessments combine your family’s health history with information about your daily life and current health status to help predict your risk for certain conditions
  • Use hundreds of interactive calculators to crunch numbers on everything from auto loans to savings goals
  • Find over 100 legal forms with a click of a button
  • Learn important information from experts through webinars and health videos

Perspectives EAP provides a variety of resources to assist faculty and staff during challenging times. For more information, the information below.

You can access Perspectives Online resources on your iPhone or Android smartphone at any time through the Perspectives website. Once you download the app, enter Loyola’s access code (LOY500). 

Features within the app include:

  • Home Screen: Budget Calulators

  • Self-Help: Access to articles and videos related to daily living.

  • Get Help: Contact a mental health professional for assistance or access assessments under a variety of topic areas to help identify specific needs and next steps.

  • More: You can access Perspectives’ WorkLife Online site directly by clicking on More in the lower right-hand corner of the app. Then click on About, followed by Visit Perspectives. Once you arrive at www.perspectivesltd.com, via the Resources page, click on Individual & Family Login located in red on the top right of the page. Enter Loyola’s username/access code (LOY500), and the Password (perspectives) if needed.

A number of live webinars on a variety of work-life topics are offered annually. If you miss a webinar, archived webinars are available for review via the SkillBuilders 2.0 website throughout the year. Please note that accessing archived materials may require you to log in. In order to access the SkillBuilders 2.0 materials, you will need to create an individual account.

Interested in receiving the Perspectives newsletters and other EAP-related communications? Sign up online.


  • Students: Loyola’s Safety Net website also provides resources for students and families seeking policies, support, and cessation tips for alcohol and drug use.

  • Faculty and staff: Additional smoking cessation resources include the Aetna Tobacco Cessation Journeys program as well as access to licensed professionals, videos, and articles through the Perspectives Employee Assistance Program (EAP). The Perspectives coaching program focuses on the individual to develop a successful path to smoking cessation and living a smoke-free lifestyle.

Additional information about smoking cessation resources are available online.