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Human Resources

EthicsLine Reporting Hotline

Loyola University Chicago also has an EthicsLine Reporting Hotline to provide you with an automated and anonymous way to report activities that may involve misconduct and violations of Loyola University policy. You may file an anonymous report online here or by dialing 855.603.6988. The University strongly encourages all faculty, staff, student, administrators or other concerned parties to use this Reporting Hotline to report suspected or wrongful acts of conduct by Loyola University Chicago faculty, staff or administrators. No University administrator, faculty, staff or student may interfere with the good faith reporting of suspected or actual wrongful conduct; no individual who makes a good faith report shall be subject to retaliation, including harassment or any adverse employment, academic or educational consequence, as a result of making a report. 

Make an Ethics Report

Center for Student Assistance and Advocacy
All reports or concerns about students should be made through the Center for Student Assistance & Advocacy. 

Report A Student Concern