Loyola University Chicago

Human Resources

PeopleAdmin 7.6 (Employment Applicant System)

The PeopleAdmin system is used to recruit for and hire faculty and staff. The PeopleAdmin system allows for a fully automated requisition process that includes email notifications, routing, approvals and document retention. The system also allows for the review and evaluation of applications at any time and the system is mobile friendly.

  •  Contact: Questions about PeopleAdmin 7.6 or requesting access can be directed to Human Resources at 312-915-6175 / careers@luc.edu or contact your HR Business Partner.

  •  Site Access: Hiring Managers & Administrators login at http://www.careers.luc.edu/hr

Select a topic below in order to learn more about the features and functionality of PeopleAdmin 7.6. 

Access to PeopleAdmin 7.6 is available at:

Learn more information about how staff positions requests move from one level to the next within PeopleAdmin 7.6's employment applicant system: Staff Approval Workflow - PeopleAdmin 7.6. Faculty postings have a separate request and approval process.

  1. A Watch List feature displays items you bookmarked regardless of the current owner.
  2. A mailbox feature displays active items assigned to you or your groups.
  3. Applicants can utilize a user-friendly interface display to review positions they have applied to.
  4. Building job descriptions with a wizard tool designed to provide helpful hints.
  5. Easily access applicant demographic information allowing for streamlined communication.
  6. Easier process to attach documents such as resumes and transcripts.
  7. Easily compile and summarize equal employment opportunity and diversity-related data. Subsequently, we are able to create strategic talent management strategies designed to create and foster a diverse and inclusive environment comprised of various personal and professional experiences.
  8. Key Word searching within postings.
  9. Mobile-friendly Access, including updating applications and positions.
  10. Onboarding repository designed to house helpful orientation information for new faculty and staff members to become acquainted with Loyola.
  11. PeopleAdmin 7.6 automatically logs a history of what data changed, when, and by whom in the history tab.
  12. Simple, intuitive navigation.
  13. Simplified interface designed to allow for easily uploading application materials (i.e. resumes and/or letters of recommendation).
  14. User-friendly display for applicant to see a full list of positions they’ve applied for within PeopleAdmin 7.6.
  15. Utilize the web browser's "back" button to revert to previous pages.