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PeopleAdmin 7.6 (Employment Applicant System)

  • Hiring Managers and Administrators can access the Employment Applicant System, here.

This spring, Loyola University Chicago's Human Resources Division launched a significant upgrade to the University's employment applicant system, PeopleAdmin. Through this upgrade, the system will migrate from version 5.8 to 7.6.
WHY: PeopleAdmin 7.6 provides us with an opportunity to streamline the recruitment and hiring processes for Human Resources, hiring managers, and applicants. Subsequently, the job application experience is improved as applicants are provided with an online tool designed to easily access and apply for positions, upload application documents (i.e. cover letter), and easily track an applications progress.
WHO: Anyone visiting careers.luc.edu will experience a robust talent management application allowing visitors to search, review, apply and follow-up on posted jobs at Loyola. Hiring managers can utilize PeopleAdmin 7.6 to post job requisitions, review, and monitor and update recruitment activities, and run reports.
WHEN: PeopleAdmin 7.6 became available on May 30, 2017. 
TRAINING: There will be a number of training courses provided either on-site or on-line (via ZOOM). Please see the "Training Sessions" section below for training dates/times/locations. Registration for training sessions is available via EMERGE.
CONTACT: Questions about PeopleAdmin 7.6 can be directed to Human Resources at careers@luc.edu.
Click below to learn more about the robust features and functionality of PeopleAdmin 7.6. 
Beginning the week of April 10, 2017, thru the week of June 5, 2017, a number of university *communications regarding the PeopleAdmin 7.6 platform upgrade will be provided via various university approved communication channels, including:
  • LUC.EDU/hr
  • HR e-newsletter(s)
  • Inside Loyola
  • Digital Screens
  • HSD e-newsletter(s)
  • University Calendar
  • HR Calendar
  • Targeted notifications (i.e. Hiring Managers)
  • HSD Exchange Information sessions

Targeted Notifications
All targeted LUC/HSD notification recipients received the following attachment: 
Employment Applicant System Upgrade - PeopleAdmin 7.6

*If you are a hiring manager or department administrator, and you did not see an email from careers@luc.edu regarding the aforementioned communications, please check your Trash folder in Outlook.
  • The email Subject line is Employment Applicant System / Careers@luc.edu Site Upgrade Information.
PeopleAdmin 5.8 Access
PeopleAdmin 5.8 information is accessible (post PeopleAdmin 7.6 launch) via the Hiring Manager and Applicants portal's:
  • A Watch List feature displays items you bookmarked regardless of the current owner.
  • A mailbox feature displays active items assigned to you or your groups.
  • Applicants can utilize a user-friendly interface display to review positions they have applied to.
  • Building job descriptions with a wizard tool designed to provide helpful hints.
  • Easily access applicant demographic information allowing for streamlined communication.
  • Easier process to attach documents such as resumes and transcripts.
  • Easily compile and summarize equal employment opportunity and diversity-related data.
    • Subsequently, we are able to create strategic talent management strategies designed to create and foster a diverse and inclusive environment comprised of various personal and professional experiences.
  • Key Word searching within postings.
  • Mobile-friendly Access, including updating applications and positions.
  • Onboarding repository designed to house helpful orientation information for new faculty and staff members to become acquainted with Loyola.
  • PeopleAdmin 7.6 automatically logs a history of what data changed, when, and by whom in the history tab.
  • Simple, intuitive navigation.
  • Simplified interface designed to allow for easily uploading application materials (i.e. resumes and/or letters of recommendation).
  • User-friendly display for applicant to see a full list of positions they’ve applied for within PeopleAdmin 7.6.
  • Utilize the web browser's "back" button to revert to previous pages.

Enhancement by Categorization

Category Enhancements
Navigation and usability
  • Ability to save/return to position descriptions, posting's, hiring proposals, etc.
  • Ability to use the back button of your browser.
  • Action links are along the top navigation bar instead of the side page.
  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant.
  • New numbering system for posting's and Position Descriptions to reflect position type.
  • New print option for shortened Position Descriptions.
  • Removed duplicate/unnecessary forms and fields.
Automated Communications
  • Automatic emails are generated to an applicant (i.e. successful application submission).
  • Human Resources customized email templates to notify application administrators that an action is required.
  • PeopleAdmin 7.6 can be configured to send automated reference requests on a posting-by-posting basis (i.e. when an applicant reaches a designated workflow status).
Automatic Routing  A revised administrator group list and an organizational structure has been established to encourage proper routing of job posting requests, and applicant reviews:
  • Hiring Manager or Posting Administrator
  • Department Head
  • Division 1st Review
  • Human Resources Compensation
  • Division 2nd Review
  • Executive Reviewer
  • Sponsored Program Accounting Review
  • Financial Planning Operations Reviewer
  • Human Resources VP Reviewer
  • President
  • Save searches.
Reporting and Analytics
  • Administrators can report on the duration of postings, etc.
  • Ability to create custom queries in addition to searches on demand.
  • Dropdowns instead of text fields (when available) on postings and PDs to allow for standardized reporting and metrics.
  • Specific reports available by user groups.


  • Ability to post site announcements such as holiday schedule or other important messages
  • Alert section to highlight pending items
  • Allows more characters per entry field
  • Audit trails enable every member of the hiring team to collaborate in a controlled environment.
    • Automatically generate a defensible audit trail of all changes, classification decisions, employee certifications, requirements, and EEO information.
  • Easier process to attach documents (i.e resumes and transcripts)
  • Easier to add and use supplemental questions in rating candidates
  • Easy navigation to save applications by section and complete later
  • Email applicants, and select email templates to send.
  • Export a single PDF file comprised of an applicant's applications, resumes, and supporting documents
  • Export application information for statistical analysis
  • Flexible features allowing the addition or removal of columns
  • Key Word search within postings
  • Position Descriptions feature functionality provides customized views, default searches, exporting reports, and conducting bulk editing
  • Reporting - Rather than having only an Access database option as in 5.8, we now have 3 levels of reporting capability:
    • Saved searches
    • Tableau
    • MySQL database
  • Robust HR Admin Module to manage permission, templates and various forms and fields.
  • Save personal preferences
  • Shortcuts and My Links are customizable features
  • Spell check for text entry fields
  • Statistical analysis tools available to compare applicants
  • Search Committee Member accounts-Ability to add members and notify them via email
  • Strong reporting and audit functionality; strategic system and process insight
  • Strong and efficient candidate qualification and evaluation
  • User-friendly display for applicant to see a full list of positions they have applied for in PeopleAdmin 7.6
  • User-friendly interface with tabs and drill-down options
  • Web Browser’s “Back” button works within application

ONBOARDING: (Module to be implemented at a later date)

  • Convert applicants to employees, electronically deliver orientation documents, and allow new hires to electronically certify that materials have been reviewed.
  • Create, sequence, and assign onboarding tasks.
    • Tasks may be assigned to new and guest users as needed. Track tasks to ensure that onboarding is promptly and successfully completed.
  • Communicate with new employees, and monitor their progress through the onboarding process. This features helps new hires quickly become productive, happy, and successful employees.

For a list of comparison features between PeopleAdmin 5.8 and 7.6, please visit: PeopleAdmin 7.6 Comparison Matrix

Learn more information about how positions move from one level to the next within PeopleAdmin 7.6's employment applicant system: Staff Approval Workflow - PeopleAdmin 7.6

We are excited that you would like to learn more about PeopleAdmin 7.6. Checkout the upcoming on-site and on-line training opportunities at Lake Shore, Water Tower, Health Sciences Division campuses and ZOOM.

Please register for PeopleAdmin training courses via EMERGE

  • *ZOOM meeting information will be provided to course registrants closer to the scheduled course date.

ON-DEMAND Training

  • A number of online training video tutorials and guides will be available here.

Future Training

Please check this site in the future regarding additional training opportunities presented through Loyola's training and development program, EMERGE!

As a Hiring Manager, Department Head and/or Approver, you can access PeopleAdmin 5.8 AFTER May 29, 2017:
Access to PeopleAdmin 7.6 on May 30, 2017 is available: