Loyola University Chicago

Human Resources

Hiring a Student Worker & Processing HR Paperwork

The Loyola payroll system is utilized to pay both undergraduate and graduate students who work on-campus. All student workers are limited to 19.5 hours of work per week, and they are paid hourly for their work.
Student Worker Classification
  • In order for a student to be classified as a student worker, the student must be enrolled for the semester that the student is employed on-campus.
  • A student who was enrolled for the spring semester, and intends to enroll in the fall, may be eligible for summer student employment.
New Hire Paperwork
Below are detailed step-by-step instructions regarding the paperwork a department needs to process and submit to Human Resources for each student that is hired/re-hired, which includes the ePAF Form, the New Hire Packet and I-9 Form.
  • As a reminder, Human Resources needs the completed I-9 Form before the student can begin working. 
Step 1 - Submit an ePAF Form: The department must submit an Electronic Personnel Action Form (ePAF) for all student worker employment actions including: new hires, rehires, budget and salary changes and terminations. Information needed on the ePAF includes effective date of employment (includes training/orientation), position number, department name and hourly wage. *Please note that the ePAF is electronically completed and submitted to HR for processing.
  • Q. How do I gain access to the ePAF and DocFinity Systems?
  • A. If hiring a student worker for the first time you will need access to both our ePAF and DocFinity systems. Access to both systems can be gained by submitting an ePAF request form. Once access is assigned you will receive a “Welcome to ePAF” e-mail with instructions on how to use both systems.
Step 2 - Is your student worker a new hire (first on-campus job)?
  • Yes –Continue to Step 3 - New Hire Packet must be completed
  • No –Continue to Step 4 - Rehiring a Student Worker
Step 3 - Submit a New Hire Packet: The department should provide a New Hire Packet to the student and the department should submit the completed New Hire Packet to Human Resources for processing. Every student worker must submit the New Hire Packet once to Human Resources and this typically takes place with the student’s first on-campus job. Students may not begin working until Human Resources has received the completed New Hire Packet, including the completed I-9 form. Once the entire New Hire Packet is completed, the department should scan the paperwork to Human Resources for processing via the DocFinity system. 
Additional information and helpful resources regarding the information that is collected in the New Hire Packet are noted below:
  • The I-9 form is included in the New Hire Packet. Please review the Federal I-9 form FAQs and training resources webpage.
    • Every student worker must submit this form once and typically takes place with the student’s first on-campus job. Students may not begin working until Human Resources has received the completed I-9 form.
  • How to obtain a Social Security Card if you are an international student on a F-1 or J-1 visa?
    • Additional information regarding the process, including documentation needed in order to obtain a Social Security Card, is found on the International Student and Scholar Services webpage.
  • Nonresident Alien Tax Compliance
    • Any International Student receiving payment from Loyola must sign up for an account with the GLACIER System, the online Nonresident Alien Tax Compliance System, in order to determine appropriate tax withholding from pay.  More information about Nonresident Alien Compliance can be found on the Loyola Financial Services webpage.
Step 4 - Rehiring a Student Worker (held an on-campus job before):  The department should confirm if any of the student's personal information like mailing address, tax withholding, direct deposit information, etc. needs to be updated with Human Resources. The HR forms to change an address, tax withholding and direct deposit information can be accessed online.
Step 5 - Human Resources Paperwork Deadlines: All employment paperwork including ePAFs and completed New Hire Packets are due to Human Resources no later than the Wednesday prior to the end of the bi-weekly pay period. The payroll calendar can be viewed online.
Step 6 - Recording work hours to pay your Student Worker:  The student's department supervisor is ultimately responsible for ensuring that the hours students work are submitted and approved each pay period. Hours are submitted through KRONOS TimecardKRONOS Timecards questions should be directed to the KRONOS Help Desk at 312-915-7444 or kronoshelpdesk@luc.edu.
Additional information and resources are listed below. If you have any questions, please contact Human Resources at hr-payroll-processing@luc.edu or 312-915-6175.
Effective July 1, 2017, hourly paid student workers will accrue at the rate of 1 hour of paid sick leave for every 40 hours worked, with a maximum of 40 accrued hours within a 12 month period. Accruals begin from an employee’s date of hire and employee's are eligible to use sick leave after they have completed their first ninety (90) days of employment.
*FICA Tax Exemption - The student worker must be enrolled and attending classes on at a least half time basis, either in an undergraduate or graduate program of Loyola University Chicago, during the semester/quarter in which the work is being performed. More on the Student Employment FICA Exemption Policy can be found online.
Hourly paid student workers are paid bi-weekly.
  • Hiring Managers can access the Electronic Personnel Action Form online: ePAF Login
  • Do you need to scan "new hire" paperwork in order to send the information to Human Resources? The DocFinity application is available online: DocFinity - Login
    • Access to both  ePAF and Docfinity systems can be gained by submitting an ePAF request form. Once access is assigned you will receive a “Welcome to ePAF” e-mail with instructions on how to use both systems.
  • Career Development Center Manager Resources: https://luc.edu/career/studentemployment/managerresources/
  • Human Resources Online Forms - Access the different employment information forms (i.e. Direct Deposit Form, W-4 Withholding Forms, Address change etc.) that you may need to complete / update with HR while working at Loyola: https://www.luc.edu/hr/forms
  • Do you need to enter your hours worked in order to receive wages? The KRONOS Timecards website is utilized to enter and track hours worked: KRONOS Timecards
  • Employee Self-Service is available to review your paycheck stub and W-2 information: https://www.luc.edu/hr/selfservice/