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Performance Management

Each of us has performance expectations and professional ambitions. Providing meaningful job performance feedback for employees remains one of the most difficult aspects of management. This truth applies to Loyola University Chicago (LUC or University) Staff and their Supervisors as much as it does to employees of any other organization. Employees want to know how their Supervisors' view their performance, and they need to know how their job performance supports the mission of the Division, Department, and University. As an advocate of performance assessment, Human Resources supplies the ‌Annual Staff Performance Review, which is a performance appraisal tool that provides a format to document and conduct productive performance-related communications in a manner that serve the needs of both parties. Additionally, a similar resource, Performance Review (SSOM)is available for Health Sciences Campus colleagues through the Application Portal.

LUC’s performance assessment process is an ongoing conversation about goals and objectives, and the Annual Staff Performance Review form can be used at any time during the year, and as often as goals need to be reviewed and revised. Ongoing discussions about performance serve as eye-opening opportunities to implement changes or introduce new efficiencies into old processes. Employees and Managers both know that some of the best changes are those that grow "from the ground up." The ongoing performance development discussion provides an opportunity in which these changes can take shape in the form of goals for Departments and colleagues.

As spring approaches, many Departments are preparing for the annual performance evaluation season. While Human Resources does not dictate when performance documentation discussions need to occur each year, spring is when the upcoming fiscal year's budget takes shape, and many Departments find the season is the natural time for employees and Supervisors to discuss goals and objectives for year ahead. Additionally, the communication emphasizes the importance of recognizing goals as "a dream with a deadline." This includes Supervisors and employees working together to establish goals that are achievable, measurable, and clearly fit within Department, Division, and University objectives.

For questions about the Annual Staff Performance Review or Performance Review (SSOM) performance assessment tools, please contact Human Resources at hr-lsc@luc.edu or (773) 508 - 3180.

Revised: 3/1/24