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Smoking Cessation Resources

Please find below several advocacy programs and resources that are available to Loyola’s faculty & staff members in order to support smoking cessation—leading to a healthier lifestyle.
Members who wish to learn more about tobacco cessation coverage under their BCBSIL plan should call the number located on the back of their BCBSIL member ID card or log in to Blue Access for Members.
  • Username:  LOY500
  • Password:  perspectives
Website Navigation
Once you are logged into the Perspectives website, please select “Health,” and choose “Smoking” in order to access a number of smoking cessation videos and articles, including a
56 days to quitting program.

Appointment times/General Information
Licensed professionals are available for appointments on weekdays from 8:00AM to 6:00PM. In addition, Perspectives offers 24-hour/7-days-a-week emergency services.
  • *See Attached “Freedom from Smoking” flyer
Blue Cross Blue Shield IL's Lifestyle Management *Tobacco Cessation Program through Blue Care Connection provides you with an assigned Lifestyle Management Specialist who can help you work toward becoming tobacco-free.
  • BCBSIL’s program is only available to participants enrolled in Loyola University Chicago’s Medical Plans. 
  • If prompted, please select the Lifestyle Management option.
  • Alternatively, you may call the Customer Service phone number located on your BCBSIL PPO Medical Identification card.

Helpful Resources

For practical information on how to quit smoking, please visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website for helpful resources, including access to:
  • Information about starting a Quit Plan today
  • Material about managing your cravings
  • An option to sign-up in order to receive free 24/7 smoking cessation assistance texted to your mobile phone.
The free Illinois Tobacco QuitLine provides you with an opportunity to speak with a professional smoking cessation counselor in order to learn about local smoking cessation resources in Illinois.

1-866-QUIT-YES (1-866-784-8937). 
  • Counselors are on call 7 days a week from 7:00AM – 11:00PM to provide the support you need to break the habit!
MeYou Health’s Quitnet program is the world’s longest running smoking cessation program! The program is designed to assist you with preparing to quit smoking, and provides you with online support. Most of the information is available to you for free. However, you must register first. It is not required for you to purchasing the premium membership.
The Massachusetts Department of Public Health provides you with access to many smoking cessation tools, including: Program tracking, a progress meter, quit date and goals, savings calculator, and an online bulletin board.

MyLastDip.com is free Web-based resource providing ways for people to quit using smokeless tobacco products. Even if you have tried to quit on your own before without success, this program is a great opportunity to try a new and innovative way to quit. Sign up is free and easy!