Loyola University Chicago

Human Resources

New Hire Employee Packet Instructions

Packet must be completed by each newly hired employee, including staff, faculty, student workers, and temporary employees.

*Print the complete (PDF) -Requires Loyola login.

  1. (PDF) -Requires Loyola login.
    All newly hired employees must complete the packet in its entirety and submit to Human Resources for processing no later than their third day of employment.
  2. Personal Fact Sheet
    Information needed for Human Resources reporting on Affirmative Action, insurance carrier requirements, and other government reporting purposes.
  3. Federal W-4 Form
    The tax form must be completed, signed, and dated by the employee. Loyola University Chicago is not able to provide individual guidance on completion of the  W-4 or any related tax implications. Please visit the IRS Tax Withholding Estimator and/or the IRS 2020 W-4 Frequently Asked Questions for additional information. For further assistance, we recommend that you contact a tax professional.  ** International employees who are considered nonresident aliens for tax purposes must follow different rules for Form W-4 completion. Please see further information below.
  4. Illinois W-4 Form
    Similar to the federal form, this identifies the withholdings for the State of Illinois. If the employee files state income tax in a state other than Illinois the person can complete a Statement of Non-Residence in Illinois form. No deduction will be made for the State of Illinois. The person will need to pay his/her state income tax either quarterly or at tax time.
  5. Employment Eligibility Verification (I-9) Form
    U.S. Dept of Justice form required for every employee. Specific identification must be presented to a Loyola representative. The list of acceptable identification is listed on page three of the form. The Loyola department representative must complete, sign, and date Section 2 of the form for it to be valid.
  6. Direct Deposit Form
    Required of all Faculty, Staff, and Student Workers, the new employee must complete, sign, and date the form and indicate whether the account is a savings or checking account [see boxes in the first paragraph]. The Transit/ABA No. is located to the left at the bottom of the employee's personal check. The employee's account number follows this number. Please provide a personal check (with VOID clearly written across the face of the check) or deposit receipt with this form for verification purposes.
  7. Loyola University Chicago Confidentiality Agreement
    This standardized form is used across all departments for Faculty, Staff, and Student Workers to ensure confidentiality across the University.

Things to Watch For:

  • Time Factor
    There are two factors that drive the timeline for submitting new hire paperwork to Human Resources:
    • The federal government requirement that no person work more than three (3) days without completing the I-9 Form and showing the appropriate identification to prove eligibility to work in this country. To put teeth to this requirement, the government will (and has) done audits of employers, checking randomly to ensure compliance.
    • For a paycheck to be processed, paperwork must be coded (entered into the pay system) by the Tuesday prior to the payday. Therefore, the paperwork must be submitted before payday Tuesday to ensure the person will be paid on the next paydate.
  • International Employees
    The U.S. has strict requirements on who can work in this country and how those eligible to work are taxed.
    • Eligibility to work in this country is contingent on the type of visa or the work authorization the person holds.
      • Some individuals from international locations hold a Social Security Card that state across the front of the card, "Not Valid for Employment." This type of Social Security Card may not be used as a valid form of identification for the I-9 form.
      • F-1 Visa:  Student Visa allows the student to work only at the university where they have matriculated for a maximum of 20 hours per week as long as they are a student.
      • F-2 Visa:  Dependent or spouse of an international holder of an F-1 visa. This is NOT an authorization to work.
      • J-1 Visa:  Exchange Visitor - must work within a specific field, but not limited in hours.
      • J-2 Visa:  Dependent or spouse of an international holder of a J-1 visa. This is NOT an authorization to work.
      • H-1 Visa: Temporary Employee limitations in terms of field of employment and hours per week.
      • Employment Authorization Card: provides temporary employment authorization to non-citizens in the U.S.
    • Taxation: Each country has its own individual treaty with the U.S. that defines how citizens from that country are taxed while working in the U.S. The treaties are complex and can vary on a person by person basis. All international Faculty, Staff and Students who are working or receiving wages and/or taxable fellowship payments must sign up for an account with the GLACIER System to determine appropriate tax withholding from their paychecks and other payments. This nonresident alien tax compliance system uses information you enter to determine foreign national residency status, determine eligibility for tax treaty benefits, and generate tax reporting documents. Once your new hire paperwork has been submitted to Human Resources, within a couple of business days you will receive an email from support@online-tax.net asking you to set up your GLACIER account. Please visit www.luc.edu/finance/nracompliance for further information. 
    • The GLACIER system will generate a Form W-4 for employees, however the Internal Revenue Services (IRS) rules for Federal Withholding for nonresident alien employees is as follows:
      • IRS Rules for Federal Withholding for Nonresident Alien Employees
        IRS rules for tax withholding on wages of nonresident alien employees depend on results of 183-day residency formulas determined by the Substantial Presence Test, which assesses immigration status/history and days of presence in the U.S. This provides withholding on wages that more closely approximates your income tax liability. Following are the Form W-4 rules and special computations for withholding on wages.
      • Form W-4 Rules
        When completing Form W-4 you must:
        • Not claim exemption from withholding
        • Claim single status even if married
        • Claim only one allowance (with a few exceptions)
        • Write “NRA” on the dotted line for Line 6
      • Residents of Canada, Mexico, or South Korea may claim additional personal allowances. Students from India may claim an allowance for an accompanying spouse and dependent children who are U.S. citizens or residents (with Social Security or Individual Taxpayer Identification numbers). Nationals of American Samoa and the Northern Mariana Islands also may claim allowances for dependents.
      • At your option, you may request an additional tax withholding amount.

Note: The Human Resources online forms require Adobe Acrobat Reader.