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Pay & Pay Related Information


All employees at Loyola are classified in one or more of the following ways:

  • FULL-TIME: Regular work schedule is 37.5 or 40 hours per workweek.
  • PART-TIME: Regular work schedule is less than full-time.
  • EXEMPT/NON-EXEMPT: All jobs are classified as either exempt or non-exempt as defined by the Federal Fair Labor Standards Act. Employees classified as non-exempt are paid by the hour and receive overtime pay for hours worked over 40 in any one workweek. Exempt employees are considered salaried and, therefore, not eligible for overtime.
  • STUDENT WORKER CLASSIFICATION: Student Worker positions are classified as non-exempt, hourly paid, temporary, part-time jobs.
  • FEDERAL WORK-STUDY: This federal financial aid program is designed to provide temporary part-time employment for students. The federal government pays a portion of the student's wages and the University funds the remainder. Eligibility for Federal Work- Study is determined by the Office of Student Financial Assistance. Because this is a form of financial aid, students must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) before eligibility can be determined. The FAFSA is available online at: https://studentaid.gov/.
  • NON FEDERAL WORK-STUDY: Student Worker positions fully funded by the University are considered non work-study positions. Individuals do not have to document financial need in order to qualify for these temporary part-time jobs. Student Worker positions are open to Loyola students or individuals who plan to be Loyola students within the next six months.


Each pay period covers two (2) calendar weeks from 12:01 a.m. Sunday morning to Midnight Saturday, 14 days later. An employee is paid on the Friday following the close of the pay period for all hours worked during that period. To access the Loyola holiday and pay calendar please go to: LUC.edu/hr/holiday_calendar.shtml.


Loyola has an established pay schedule (see the Pay Calendar). Paydays are designated as the Friday following the end of a pay period. If a payday falls on a holiday, paychecks will be distributed on the last regular workday before the holiday.


Loyola University Chicago uses a mandatory Direct Deposit payroll system. It is the 'no hassle' way to deal with your pay. You must have a checking or savings account with a financial institution to comply with this policy.

You will need to complete the Authorization Form and attach a voided check to validate the ABA or Transit number of your bank when you are first hired and this is a form you complete in the new hire packet you will be asked to complete. Once hired, you can makes changes to your current direct deposit yourself in the Employee Self-Service (ESS) Portal at https://ess.luc.edu/

Once the Direct Deposit is established, Loyola will electronically transfer your pay to the financial institution of your choice when paychecks are processed.


Once hired, you can makes changes to your current direct deposit yourself in the Employee Self-Service (ESS) Portal at https://ess.luc.edu/


Each Student Worker job is budgeted under the hiring department's budget. All Student Worker salaries must meet or exceed the federal minimum wage requirement. Student Workers must be paid hourly. 


KRONOS timecards must be completed and approved by noon on Monday, after the end of the pay period.

Work time submitted through Kronos should be an accurate reflection of hours worked. The Kronos allows up to three different work "shifts" or "IN" and "OUT" times to be recorded within any workday. The Kronos will calculate your total hours worked from times entered in each day. Any fraction of an hour will be rounded to the nearest quarter hour according to Fair Labor Standards Act/Wage and Hour requirements.

Time worked should be recorded daily and reviewed and authorized on the last day of the pay period. The payroll department will not process time recorded but not approved by the student and by the supervisor and you will not be paid.

For additional resources, including FAQ’s and video tutorials, please visit the Payroll Services website. If you have any questions or experience any KRONOS problems, please feel free to contact the Payroll Services at payroll@luc.edu.


Kronos does not have two separate timecards for each position. Rather the student must do a transfer for hours worked outside of the home or primary position but it is all done on one card.


  1. Department number: This 4-digit number should be obtained from the department you will be working with.
  2. Campus location (C/L): Lake Shore Campus = 1; Water Tower Campus = 2
  3. Position number: Please leave this space blank, unless known.
  4. Name: Please print, last name first
  5. Position status (PS): Fill in "N" for non-exempt.
  6. Full-time equivalent: This figure is based on the number of hours per week allocated to your position. If your department does not have this information, please leave this space blank.
  7. Social Security Number: Please fill in your social security number.
  8. Period ending: This date indicates the last day of the current pay period. Please see your department, or a pay calendar for this information.

Manual Timecards with manager approval are due to Payroll Services by 2pm on Monday, after the end of the pay period. At this time manual timecards are only being accepted via email to payroll@luc.edu.


Student Workers are generally full-time University students. Working and going to school adds extra income and can be a great learning experience giving you an advantage in the job market after graduation.

Balance is important. Full-time Loyola students are limited, by University policy, to work not more than 19.5 total hours per week while school is in session. This total-hour figure includes all jobs worked at the University. During school break periods or periods of non-enrollment, the Student Worker may increase his/her work hours as agreed upon by the department but must not exceed 37.5 hours in a week.

  • All staff working over 6 hours at a stretch should take a meal break before the start of his or her sixth hour of work.
  • The meal break should be a minimum of 30 minutes but Loyola prefers staff to take a one hour unpaid meal break.
  • For accurate Time Collection, both the Kronos and paper time cards allow the Student Worker to record when he or she leaves for a meal break and then the return time. 

Student positions are not intended to be full-time work for any employee. Listings for regular status full and part-time positions open on all higher education campuses may be found at careers.luc.edu. Anyone interested in full-time or part-time work may review these listings and apply accordingly.


The University recognizes the difficulty in balancing full-time school and work. The first priority of Student Workers is education. The University places a limit of a total of 19.5 hours in one week for student positions while school is in session.

Depending on the nature and amount of work and the staffing needs, Student Workers may occasionally be asked to work more than their scheduled hours. Additional hours may be worked only with the prior approval of the supervisor or department head. In these cases, Student Workers will be paid at their regular rate for the first 40 hours worked in any one workweek. Any time worked over 40 hours in any one week will be paid at time-and-one-half.


Misplaced checks: If an employee loses a paycheck, or if it is stolen, the Payroll Department should be immediately notified to authorize a stop payment. A new check will be issued as soon as possible. Direct deposit of paychecks will avoid such problems.

Over/Under pay: If there is a discrepancy in the amount of pay, the employee will need to notify his /her supervisor. It is helpful to print a copy of the Direct Deposit Statement for the period in question when inquiry is made. The Direct Deposit Statement lists all hours paid within the pay period.

Missing pay: If an employee was not issued a check on the appropriate payday, the supervisor should be notified immediately. The payroll office will help resolve the problem.


Student Workers are paid for time worked.  To assist with the workflow in the department, and as a professional courtesy, it is important for employees to communicate with their supervisor well in advance when time off is planned.

In case of absence due to an emergency or illness, the department should be notified as soon as is possible that the employee will be absent.

Effective July 1, 2017, hourly paid student workers will accrue at the rate of 1 hour of paid sick leave for every 40 hours worked, with a maximum of 40 accrued hours within a 12 month period. Accruals begin from an employee’s date of hire and employee's are eligible to use sick leave after they have completed their first ninety (90) days of employment.  Loyola's Sick Leave Policy can be viewed online at: https://www.luc.edu/hr/policies/sick-leave/.


Earnings of all Student Workers are taxable by both the State and Federal governments as ordinary income. When first employed, Student Workers must complete both at federal W-4 and an Illinois W-4. Changes to your federal and/or state W-4 may be made at any time.

Students who are residents of Iowa, Michigan, Kentucky or Wisconsin and elect to claim exemption for withholding of Illinois Income Tax under the reciprocal withholding agreements between these states may complete an Employee's Statement of Nonresidence in Illinois.

Federal and State of Illinois W-4 Forms and Nonresident Forms are found at: LUC.edu/hr/online_forms.shtml under Government Forms. Once completed and signed they should be sent to the Human Resources Administrative Office, 820 LT, WTC.

Tax laws governing students are impacted by many factors. Please contact the United States Internal Revenue Service and/or individual state Internal Revenue Offices for accurate information on individual situations.

Under Federal guidelines, full-time students working at Loyola may be exempt from FICA (Social Security Taxes) while enrolled in classes. Loyola University Chicago will, wherever possible, automatically exempt students who are eligible unless they request otherwise. Changes in student status must be reported to the Human Resources Office as soon as possible. Failure to do so may result in penalties.
  • Any changes in tax status, number of exemptions, student status, etc., will need to be communicated to the campus Human Resources Office. 
For your convenience, below are the numbers for Illinois State and Federal tax assistance.
  • Internal Revenue Service Taxpayer Assistance: (312) 435-1040.
  • Illinois Department of Revenue Taxpayer Assistance: (800) 732-8866.


W2 forms are mailed to employee at the address listed in the Human Resources office. To ensure receipt of this important document, make sure the address on file is correct. Changes to your address in Student Records will not flow over to Human Resources records and vise-versa. Human Resource offers an online Change of Address Form.


The United States has established tax treaties with varying countries around the world. These treaties are often complicated.
  • Loyola's Human Resources Office works with International Employees to ensure that the tax obligation is met.
  • If you are an International Student Worker, please make an appointment with the Human Resources Office to discuss this important issue. (312) 915-6175 


To ensure your continued eligibility and enrollment in the Federal Work Study Program, the following steps need to be taken each academic year:

  • Notify the Office of Student Financial Assistance (OSFA) of any enrollment changes, specifically with regard to an increase or decrease in credit hours. 
  • Notify OSFA of any changes in the family financial circumstances. 
  • Earn no more than the predetermined federal work-study award. The total amount of Federal Work-Study wages a student may earn is listed on the Financial Aid Award Notification. 
  • Notify the supervisor promptly in the event of a revision in the Federal Work-Study Award that could affect the work schedule. 
  • Re-apply for financial aid each year according to the priority dates. Students who demonstrate financial need are awarded Federal Work-Study funds on a first-come, first-serve basis. 
  • Submit all requested documents to the Financial Aid Office in timely manner.
ACADEMIC YEAR: Students receiving any form of Financial Assistance must reapply each academic year. To receive maximum consideration for a Federal Work-Study award,  students should file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) before February 15th for the upcoming year.