Loyola University Chicago

Human Resources

Purpose of the Student Worker Employment Guide

This booklet has been designed to provide Student Workers with important information regarding employment procedures, pay information, responsibilities to the University, and the University's services.

Please read the contents carefully. This is one of the many channels of communication we maintain to achieve an enjoyable and productive work environment. If you need further explanation of the items covered, contact your supervisor, the Office of Student Financial Assistance or Human Resources.

  • The contents herein are presented for information and guideline purposes only.
  • Loyola University reserves the right to change, suspend or cancel, with or without notice, all or any part of the policies, procedures, and benefits discussed in this book.
  • The guidelines are applicable only to those employees designated as Student Workers. This booklet is intended to give the Student Worker information on policies, procedures and privileges and does not serve as a contract between the employee and Loyola.
  • Employment with, and compensation from the University is not guaranteed and may be ended by the employee or Loyola at any time.