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Mathematics and Statistics

BS/MS Program in Applied Statistics

The BS/MS program in Applied Statistics is a five-year program that gives academically successful Loyola undergraduates the opportunity to pursue the MS degree in Applied Statistics while completing their BS degree. The applicant can be pursuing any of the BS degrees offered by the Department of Mathematics and Statistics. There are several advantages to enrolling in the BS/MS program.

  • The MS program requirement to take the GRE is waived for students applying to the BS/MS program. The application fee to the program is also waived.
  • Students can begin taking their Masters courses during their senior year.
  • The MS program in Applied Statistics requires 29 credits of graduate courses. This generally takes one and a half years to complete. Students in the BS/MS program are allowed to “double count” three of their Loyola STAT courses for both their BS and MS degrees. Two of these may be 3- or 4-credit 300-level STAT courses and one may be a 3- or 4-credit 400-level STAT course. Hence BS/MS students are required to take only 20 credits (instead of 29 credits) of additional 400-level courses and can finish the program in five years.

Requirements for Completion of the BS/MS Program

After admission to the BS/MS program, students may take one 3- or 4-credit 400-level STAT course during their senior year. This, in addition to two 3- or 4-credit 300-level STAT courses, will be “double counted” for both the BS and MS requirements. Students generally take the remaining 20-credits of 400-level classes during their fifth year. This schedule can be modified for students with AP or transfer credit who desire to finish the combined program in less than five years. Students in the program are expected to consult regularly with the Graduate Program Director to insure that they are on track for completion of both the BS and MS degrees. The following are required to complete the BS/MS degree program in Applied Statistics:

  • Successful completion of one of the BS degrees in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics. It is expected that the student complete all degree requirements for their chosen BS degree at least one semester before completing the MS degree;
  • All 400-level (23 credits) graduate statistics courses (including the core graduate statistics courses STAT 401, 403, 404, 405, 407 and 408 and the 3- or 4-credit 400-level STAT electives) must be completed with a GPA of 3.0 or higher;

Further Information

If you have additional questions about the program, please contact Timothy O'Brien, Graduate Program Director for Applied Statistics.