Loyola University Chicago

Mathematics and Statistics


  • 55th Meeting of the Society for Natural Philosophy

    The 55th meeting of the Society for Natural Philosophy (Microstructure, defects, and growth in mechanics) will be held September 13-15, 2019, Friday through Sunday, at Loyola University Chicago. All talks will be in Room 123/124 of the Institute of Environmental Sustainability (IES). Click to learn more.
  • The Mystery of 42 is solved

    (Numberphile) Since 1954, scientists have been using computers to search for three numbers that could be cubed and summed to equal 42. Every other possible number below 100 already had a known solution, but the solution for 42 wasn't found until recently. Click to learn more.
  • New Program: BS in Data Science (Effective Fall 2019)

    This interdisciplinary Bachelor of Science in Data Science will provide practical skills in data collection and manipulation through significant programming experience and reliable inference through applied statistics, and a focus on applying these skills to practical, domain-specific problems (56ch). Click to learn more about this program.