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Mathematics and Statistics


  • Are you interested in participating in math research?

    Last summer, six students spent their break conducting research alongside professors. Click to read more about their experiences, and how you could set yourself up for similar opportunities.
  • Math and Literature Contest 2018

    The Department of Mathematics & Statistics is welcoming submissions for its Math and Literature essay contest. The deadline is November 5, 2018. Click to learn more about the contest.
  • Knitting and Math

    The Department of Mathematics and Statistics is hosting an event for the Math/Stat community on November 8: Knitting and Math. All students and faculty are welcome to attend.
  • Rataj Lecture: Political Geometry by Bridget Tenner

    Our next Rataj Lecture, on Wednesday October 24, will be both excellent, timely, and accessible to anyone who has taken or is taking calculus -- all geometry will be discrete. Click to learn more about the lecture.
  • IL-MO Regional Undergraduate Mathematics Conference 2018

    Organized jointly by Southeast Missouri State University and Southern Illinois University. This year it will be held on the Campus of SIU at Carbondale, Neckers Building, Young Auditorium, Neckers 440 on Saturday, 27 Oct 2018. Click to learn more about the conference.
  • Welcome New Faculty!

    The Department of Mathematics & Statistics has some new additions this semester. Click to learn more about our new faculty members and where they come from.