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Barcus, Courtney Lynn Clinical Assistant Professor Lewis Towers 1062, WTC 312.915.7061
cbarcus1@luc.edu Bindrich, Courtney Clinical Assistant Professor Lewis Towers 1154, WTC 312-915-1154
Bohanon, Hank Professor Lewis Towers 1052, WTC 312.915.5099
hbohano@luc.edu Cafferty, Siobhan Associate Dean of Academic Affairs and Community Engagement;
Clinical Assistant Professor; Coordinator of International SOE Programs, Acting Program Chair for Cultural and Educational Policy Studies Lewis Towers 1107, WTC 312.915.7002
scaffer@luc.edu Camacho, Ricardo Clinical Assistant Professor Lewis Towers, 11th floor, Office 1134 312‐915-6218
Cejovic, Vesna Clinical Assistant Professor
Faculty Coordinator of School and Community Partnerships Lewis Towers 1156, WTC 312.915.7402
vcejovi@luc.edu Cho, Katherine S. Assistant Professor in Higher Education Lewis Towers 1147, WTC 312.915.6311
kcho3@luc.edu Cizmeci, Serdar Business Manager Lewis Towers 1108, WTC 312.915.6235
scizmeci@luc.edu Cohen, Sarah Clinical Assistant Professor Lewis Towers 1056, WTC 312.915.6883
scohen12@luc.edu Collier, Valerie Senior Program Coordinator Lewis Towers 1153, WTC 312.915.6836
vcollie@luc.edu Edejer, Eilene Clinical Assistant Professor Lewis Towers 1152, WTC 312.915.6343
eedejer@luc.edu El Ashmawi, Yvonne Clinical Assistant Professor
Program Chair for Graduate Teaching and Learning Lewis Towers 1054, WTC 312.915.6336
yelashmawi@luc.edu Ellis, Aimee Associate Professor Lewis Towers 1024B, WTC 312.915.6679
apapola@luc.edu Ensminger, David Associate Professor Lewis Towers 1126, WTC 312.915.7257
densmin@luc.edu Fenning, Pamela A. Associate Dean for Research
Professor, Co-Program Chair for School Psychology Lewis Towers 1138, WTC 312.915.6803
pfennin@luc.edu Flanagan, Matt T&L Program Coordinator Lewis Towers 1037, WTC 312.915.7727
eflanagan1@luc.edu Fujimoto, Ken A. Associate Professor
Program Chair for Research Methodology Lewis Towers 1060, WTC 312.915.6852
kfujimoto@luc.edu Goldberger, Nancy Assistant Dean, Student Academic Affairs Lewis Towers 1010, WTC 312.915.6318
ngoldberger@luc.edu Gonzales, Rufus R. Clinical Assistant Professor;
Coordinator of Clinical Training - Counseling Lewis Towers 1033, WTC 312.915.6378
rgonza1@luc.edu Heineke, Amy J. Professor Lewis Towers 1058, WTC 312.915.7027
aheineke@luc.edu Hendrickson, Mitchell University School Partnership Program Director; Assessment Manager Granada Center 433.1, LSC 773-508-8343
mhendrickson3@luc.edu Hubbell, Lee Director, LU CHOICE and JVC Magis Lewis Towers 601D, WTC 312.915.7049
lhubbel@luc.edu Jackson, Ava Assistant Professor Lewis Towers, 10th floor, Office 1038 773.505.6773
Ajackson29@luc.edu jules, tavis d. Full Professor Lewis Towers 1028B, WTC 312.915.6616
tjules@luc.edu Kallemeyn, Leanne M. Associate Professor Lewis Towers 1122, WTC 312.915.6909
lkallemeyn@luc.edu Kennedy, Adam S. Associate Professor; Program Chair for Undergraduate Teaching and Learning Lewis Towers 1118, WTC 312.915.6857
akenne5@luc.edu Leber, Reid Academic Advisor Office 1002, Lewis Towers, WTC 312.915.6968
rleber@luc.edu Leverett, Patrice Assistant Professor Lewis Towers 1136, WTC 312.915.6286
pleverett@luc.edu Lia, Michelle Co-Director for the Andrew M. Greeley Center for Catholic Education; Clinical Assistant Professor Lewis Towers 601F, WTC 312.915.6925
mlia@luc.edu Luchtenburg, Hannah Faculty Affairs and Business Services Coordinator Lewis towers 1110, WTC 312.915.6924
hluchtenburg@luc.edu López, Norma Assistant Professor in Higher Education Lewis Towers 1146, WTC 312.915.7401
nlopez12@luc.edu Marks, Leah C. Clinical Assistant Professor & Clinical Coordinator School Psychology Lewis Towers 1130, WTC 312.915.6104
lmarks2@luc.edu Mayworm, Ashley Assistant Professor Lewis Towers 1132, WTC 312.915.6311
amayworm@luc.edu McCue, Anna Program Coordinator Lewis Towers 1035, WTC 312.915.6733
amccue@luc.edu Miller, Matthew J. Professor; Program Co-Chair for Counseling Psychology Lewis Towers 1034, WTC 312-915-7087
mmill11@luc.edu Moon, Seungho Professor Lewis Towers 1106, WTC 312-915-7403
smoon3@luc.edu Morgan, Demetri L. Associate Professor Lewis Towers 1140, WTC dmorgan6@luc.edu Nelson Christensen, Amy Clinical Assistant Professor Lewis Towers 1134, WTC 312-915-6854
anelsonchristensen@luc.edu Newell, Markeda Interim Dean; Associate Professor, School Psychology Lewis Towers 1109, WTC 312.915.6094
mnewell2@luc.edu Phillippo, Kate Associate Professor Lewis Towers 1038, WTC 312.915.6910
kphillippo@luc.edu Quinn, Merry Clinical Assistant Professor; Clinical Assistant Professor; Program Chair for Administration and Supervision Lewis Towers, 1035, WTC 312-915-7014
mquinn12@luc.edu Reichart, Kaitlin Greeley Endowed Chair Renfro, Richard L. Director of Loyola Community & Family Services Granada Center 302, LSC 773.508.3361
rrenfro@luc.edu Reyes, Jennifer Administrative Coordinator, Andrew M. Greeley Center for Catholic Education (GCCE) Lewis Towers 601, WTC 312-915-7443
jreyes20@luc.edu Roberson, Valerie Program Chair and Clinical Assistant Professor in Higher Education Lewis Towers 1148, WTC 312.915.6464
vroberson1@luc.edu Rodriguez, Silvia Program Coordinator Lewis Towers 1027, WTC 312.915.6908
srodrig@luc.edu Romaine, Leah Clinical Professor Lewis Towers 1031, WTC 312.915.6345
lromaine@luc.edu Schiller, Diane Professor Granada Center 455.2, LSC 773.508.8337
dschill@luc.edu Schmidt, Jon Clinical Assistant Professor; Senn/Loyola Partnership Coordinator Lewis Towers 1061, WTC 312.915.6975
jschmidt12@luc.edu Schultz, Brigid Clinical Assistant Professor; Faculty Director of Loyola University Dual Credit Program Lewis Towers 1144, WTC 312.915.7089
bschul1@luc.edu Smetana, Lara K.T. Professor Lewis Towers 1042, WTC 312.915.6273
lsmetana@luc.edu Sullivan, Debra Co-Director for the Andrew M. Greeley Center for Catholic Education; Clinical Assistant Professor Lewis Towers 601C, WTC 312.915.6885
dsullivan2@luc.edu Szatkowski, Kenneth Graduate Student Academic Affairs Coordinator Lewis Towers 1039, WTC 312.915.8907
kszatkowski@luc.edu Tocci, Charles Assistant Professor Lewis Towers 1120, WTC 312.915.6865
ctocci@luc.edu Vera, Elizabeth Professor; Co-Program Chair for Counseling Psychology Lewis Towers 1145, WTC 312.915.6958
evera@luc.edu Wan, Guofang Professor Lewis Towers 1116, WTC 312-915-6915
gwan1@luc.edu Whittingham, Colleen E. Clinical Assistant Professor in Teaching & Learning Lewis Towers 1063, WTC 312.915.6464
cwhitti@luc.edu Wilson, Wendy Program Coordinator Lewis Towers 1124, WTC 312.915.6733
wwilson@luc.edu Woodard, Donna School and Community Partnership Development Specialist 612.750.4914
dwoodard@luc.edu Wu, Meng-Jia Associate Professor Lewis Towers 1040, WTC 312.915.7086
mwu2@luc.edu Xu, Hui Associate Professor Lewis Towers 1142, WTC 312.915.3702
hxu2@luc.edu Yoon, Eunju Professor Lewis Towers 1036, WTC 312.915.6461