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Each campus has one or more cafeterias that provide employees with comfortable surroundings in which to relax and enjoy meals. Bring your own lunch or take advantage of the meals and snacks that are available for a modest cost. Many departments have an area in which staff and faculty can eat and relax. Check with co-workers or your supervisor about these areas near your workplace.


The Wellness Center is committed to helping full and part-time students reach and maintain their optimal level of wellness by providing primary care, preventive services, and wellness programming specifically designed for our students. The Wellness Center can be reached at 773-508-2530.

  • All fulltime undergraduates, graduate and professional students are required to have adequate health insurance. Fulltime students will be automatically enrolled and billed for an annual policy.
  • For further information regarding health insurance, go to Your Loyola Health Care Plan for Students

Upon returning to work after illness or injury, a student Worker may be required to obtain clearance from Student Health or supply the department with documentation that the he or she is able to carry on his or her regular work related activities. Unless it is an emergency, Student Workers should receive treatment for illness or injury occurring on the job at the Wellness Center at the Lake Shore Campus. All injuries occurring on the job must be reported to the Human Resources Office. The employee or the employee's supervisor may make a report of any work related injury by completing the Report of Injury form found at LUC.edu/hr/online_forms.shtml under Worker's Compensation section.


Automatic Teller Machines are provided on all campuses of the University.


Loyola University Chicago uses a mandatory Direct Deposit payroll system. It is the 'no hassle' way to deal with your pay. Please insure that you have established a savings or checking account with a financial institution to comply with this requirement.

  • When you are first hired, you will need to complete the Direct Deposit Authorization Form (included in the new hire packet) and attach a voided check to validate the ABA or Transit number of your bank.

Once the Direct Deposit is established, Loyola will electronically transfer your pay to the financial institution of your choice when paychecks are processed. You will have on-line access to all the detail of the deposit via the Employee Self Service Portal including: the name of the financial institution and account number where the pay was deposited, all types and amounts of deductions made from your pay [i.e.: state and federal income tax, etc], gross and net pay for the pay period and year to date. 


Chapels are located at all campuses and are open during working hours for quiet prayer or meditation. Mass is said daily and special services are held periodically.


Loyola provides a shuttle service between the Lake Shore and Water Tower campuses. The shuttle schedule and information on staging of these buses can be found at LUC.edu/transportation/shuttlebus.

  • Full-time students are eligible for a CTA UPASS.
  • The CTA UPASS is your ticket to unlimited riding aboard CTA buses and trains. It offers full-time students unlimited use and unparalleled opportunity to take advantage of everything Chicago has to offer. No cash is needed. It's your connection to shopping, sports events, social activities, art and entertainment centers or anything else that grabs your attention.
    • If you have not picked up your CTA UPASS visit the Dean of Students Office in Centennial Forum, room 100 at the LSC or in the Student Affairs Office, 25 E. Pearson, rm 101, WTC. You will need to bring your valid Student ID. 

The CTA 147 bus is an "express" bus that will take you between the Lake Shore and Water Tower campuses in about 35 minutes. The 151 buses also stop at or near both campuses but is not an express. The Red-line El stops at the Lake Shore Campus [the Loyola stop] and very near to the Water Tower Campus [the Chicago Ave. stop].


Loyola University Chicago produces a number of publications to help keep Loyolans up to date on recent university developments, programs and events. Inside Loyola, found at LUC.edu/insideloyola, is one of several publications produced by the Division of University Marketing and Communications. A new edition of Inside Loyola is published in print and on the World Wide Web once a month from September through May. It focuses primarily on faculty and staff news but also offers information about student achievements and programs. The award winning Loyola Magazine, published three times a year, is targeted to alumni, highlighting major initiatives and programs at Loyola, as well as providing news about the university's graduates who live around the country and the world.

The Division of University Marketing and Communications also produces electronic publications including Inside Loyola Weekly, a weekly e-mail publication broadcast to faculty and staff that provides timely information on academic and administrative programs and projects. Special Announcement e-mail messages are broadcast to provide urgent or emergency information to the Loyola community on an as-needed basis. In addition, the student newspaper, The Phoenix, written, edited and published by students, is circulated weekly on all campuses during the school year.


Student Workers are encouraged to participate in all aspects of student life at the University. Many cultural and social events are held across the campuses throughout the year. Work with your supervisor if you find that a specific event conflicts with work hours.

  • Schedules for Ramblers Basketball Games and other sporting events are available through the Athletic Department, loyolaramblers.com.
  • Campus Recreation, LUC.edu/campusrec/, located in the Halas Sports Center on LSC, coordinates intramurals and sports clubs as well as housing a comprehensive health center.
  • The Theatre Department, LUC.edu/theatre, presents live performances several times a year.
  • The D'Arcy Gallery of Art, located on the first floor of the Cudahy Library on LSC, exhibits Renaissance and Baroque Art.
  • Consult the Student Affairs website: LUC.edu/studentaffairs/, the Phoenix, Loyola World, or student bulletin boards for calendar of events.
  • Valid student ID will be required for most events and activities. If you are not a full time student there may also be a fee.


Lost articles may be found in the Public Safety Office located in the Parking Structure located at the Lake Shore Campus, or at the Information Desk located at the Corboy Law Center on the Water Tower Campus.

  • The Information Desk in the Damen Student Center at the Lake Shore Campus is another area where lost articles may be sought.


Loyola supports the Chicago recycling efforts. Specially marked, blue recycle containers are located throughout Loyola buildings. The blue, cylindrical containers are for aluminum, glass, plastic and other metals. The square, lidded containers are for all paper produces including, envelopes, magazines, newspapers, cardboard, colored and white, glossy and matte finished paper.


The Dean of Students Office and your advisor will have information about benefits and services available to you as a student at Loyola University Chicago. Also, please see the Community Standards.