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Flu Shots

Fall is hear and so is flu season. The window has closed for those that wanted to get their flu shots at one of our previous on campus screening dates. However you still have an option to book an offsite visit through Empower. Visit the empower.health (Client Code:loyolaehs) website to sign up for an Labcorp off-site location for a flu shot appointment in November.***Registration directions for the empower.health (Client Code:loyolaehs) website are listed at the bottom of this page. 

Once you have registered you will be prompted to download and print both the Informed Consent to Perform Flu Vaccination form. Please complete the missing information on both forms, save the form and print copies of the forms to bring with you to your appointment. If you require proof of your Flu Vaccination for University compliance purposes (the flu shot is not apart of the reduced wellness premiums requirements) please print TWO copies of the Flu form and bring with you to your appointment.

If you forget to print a copy of your Informed Consent to Perform Flu Vaccination you will be required to complete a form on site during your appointment. If you forgot or misplaced your Flu Vaccination form you can request a record of this vaccination directly from Empower Health by emailing their Help Desk at support@empowerhealthservices.com for a Authorization for Release of Health Information form. It can take up to 10 business days for your request to be processed.

Additionally, there are alternate ways to obtain your flu shot now:

  • Make an appointment with your network primary care doctor.
  • Visit one of Aetna’s in-network pharmacies or retail locations.
  • Walk in or schedule a flu shot**at MinuteClinic® at select CVS Pharmacy® and Target® locations.

Effective November 2022 you can present your Aetna medical card or your CVS pharmacy card at any pharmacy retailer to receive your flu shot. Flu shots are now offered through the Aetna medical insurance and the CVS pharmacy benefit plans. Flu shots are free to participants who visit in-network providers. We encourage you to stay healthy and take advantage of this preventive health service.

If you have any questions or would like more information on any of the topics in this message, please contact Human Resources at benefits@LUC.edu and Human Resources will follow up with additional guidance. We wish our entire Loyola community health and wellness.


*** Registration directions for the empower.health website

1. Create a NEW account at empower.health (Client Code:loyolaehs)

This is not the same registration site used for previous EHS screenings. All participants must create a new account.

2. Complete "New User" fields and enter client code: loyolaehs

3. On the Dashboard, complete the Empower Health Assessment (REQUIRED)

4. Return to the Dashboard and click "Register" to schedule an off site appointment

You are strongly encouraged to use an Aetna in-network provider. If a member obtains a flu shot from a non-participating provider, payment for the flu-shot will be required at the time of administration. You can submit a claim for reimbursement, but it will be applied to your out of network benefits and not covered at 100%.

The duration of the vaccine is 6 months.