The rules are constantly evolving. Stay ahead of the changes.

The role of regulatory compliance is a major feature of today's business landscape. Our curriculum is focused on current real world business and legal issues, including more than 40 compliance courses taught by respected academics and practitioners in the field. You'll develop the skills you need to explore and create ethical solutions within a business and regulatory context. The Certificate in Compliance Studies (available to students in the JD, MJ in Health Law, and LLM in Health Law programs) will enhance your credentials and expertise.


The Certificate in Compliance Studies requires coursework and, for MJ and LLM students, a completed final program project on an approved compliance topic.


To be eligible for the Certificate, you must complete at least 15 credit hours of compliance coursework, including required courses and must earn an average grade of B or better in your compliance coursework.

Required Courses

You must take either:

Corporate Compliance

  • MJ and LLM students: LAW 839: Corporate Compliance
  • JD students: LAW 126: Corporate Compliance Programs


Health Care Compliance

  • MJ and LLM students: LAW 910: Health Care Compliance
  • JD students: LAW 798: Health Care Compliance

Elective Courses

For JD students, 13 elective credit hours are required.

For MJ and LLM students, 9 elective credit hours are required.

  • LAW 221 Admin Law
  • LAW 955 Admin Law and Health Care Regulation
  • LAW 922 Advanced Health Care Compliance
  • LAW 923 Advanced Privacy Program Management
  • LAW 837 Breach Incident Management and Reporting
  • LAW 808 Business Ethics
  • LAW 270 Business Organizations
  • LAW 803 Business Organizations
  • LAW 958 Clinical Research Compliance
  • LAW 820 Compliance and Culture
  • LAW 836 Compliance Seminar Series
  • LAW 835 Compliance Training Methods
  • LAW 924 Conducting Internal Investigations
  • LAW 126 Corporate Compliance Programs
  • LAW 957 Corporate Health Care Transactions
  • LAW 711 Corporate Transactions in Health Law
  • LAW 858 Cybersecurity Management
  • LAW 925 Drafting Policies and Procedures
  • LAW 337 Employment Law
  • LAW 929 Enterprise Risk Management
  • LAW 859 Environmental Enforcement and Compliance
  • LAW 874 ESG
  • LAW 838 European Union Privacy
  • LAW 845 FCPA
  • LAW 812 Financial Institution Regulation
  • LAW 718 Food and Drug Law
  • LAW 927 Food and Drug Law
  • LAW 960 Fraud & Abuse/Stark Intensive
  • LAW 829 Global Compliance
  • LAW 903 Health Care Financing
  • LAW 720 Health Care Payment and Policy
  • LAW 956 Health Care Payment and Policy
  • LAW 918 Health Care Privacy and Security
  • LAW 904 Health Care Regulation and Policy
  • LAW 741 Health Law: Business and Finance
  • LAW 710 Health Law: Patients and Populations
  • LAW 926 Human Subjects Protections
  • LAW 821 International Business Law
  • LAW 371 International Business Transactions
  • LAW 176 International Trade Law
  • LAW 902 Introduction to Health Law and Policy
  • LAW 485 Journal of Reg Compliance
  • LAW 488 Journal of Reg Compliance
  • LAW 489 Journal of Reg Compliance
  • LAW 857 Leadership And Strategy
  • LAW 919 Medical Record Billing and Coding
  • LAW 959 Physician Regulation Management
  • LAW 823 Privacy and Security of Corporate Information
  • LAW 355 Privacy Law
  • LAW 414 Professional Responsibility
  • LAW 797 Risk Management, Patient Safety, and Quality
  • LAW 909 Risk Management, Patient Safety, and Quality
  • LAW 231 Secured Transactions
  • LAW 370 Securities Regulation
  • LAW 817 Securities Regulation

*All courses are online courses unless otherwise designated. Each term select online courses in compliance are available to JD students and may be taken and applied toward the elective course requirement.

Thesis Project Courses (for MJ and LLM students only)

Final Program Project (for MJ and LLM students only)

  • MJ or LLM Thesis Project Part I
  • MJ or LLM Thesis Project Part II

The focus of your final program project must be on a compliance topic.

Applying for your Certificate

After completion of all requirements, you must complete an online application for the Certificate in Compliance Studies. Your submitted application will be reviewed by the Center for Online Programs Associate Director, who will then submit the application to the Registrar.

CCB Eligibility

To sit for CCB compliance examinations, you must also request a CCB eligibility letter. You must email lawonlineadvising@luc.edu after receiving all final course grades to request a CCB eligibility letter. For more information on compliance examinations through the CCB, see the webpage for your interest area - healthcare, corporate.