The Business Law Clinic (“BLC”) is a transactional law clinic located on the 10th floor of the Corboy Law Center. The BLC curriculum is comprised of a two-hour seminar and between six and eight hours of clinic work per week. Students have the opportunity to work with experienced lawyers, counsel clients, draft contracts, form entities and communicate with government entities including the Secretary of State, the Office of the Attorney General and the IRS.

Each law student in the BLC carries a caseload of active clients, prospective new client matters from intakes, and a business law project. All clients, new matters and projects are assigned at the beginning of each semester. Generally, the matters involve existing clients whose matters are in process and one or more new client matters. Faculty, who are licensed attorneys supervise all student work and are available for questions. Law students are required to exercise professional judgment and serve as advocates and counselors to their clients. In addition, law students must be willing to think in a big picture way, as challenges may require the student to draw from more than one area of law.

The BLC is committed to educating effective business lawyers and allowing students to explore the legal context in which businesses operate. There is no substitute for experience and client interaction. Come join us and let us teach you how to be a transactional attorney.

PLEASE NOTE: Applications open for Fall 2024 and Spring 2025. Please email the Business Law Clinic at businesslaw@luc.edu with any questions. 

Business Law Clinic Application


  • Business Law Clinic I
  • Business Law Clinic II
  • Office Hours
    Students enrolled in the Business Law Clinic and Seminar and in Business Law Clinic II must provide 3 hours per week of client matters and projects per credit hour.

Transactional Law JD Certificate

The Center for Business Law sponsors Loyola's JD Certificate in Transactional Law. This certificate provides you with the valuable training and experience to be successful in firms of all sizes and in various corporate law settings.

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