In a growing global economy, the career paths of business and law professionals are increasingly convergent. The role of an attorney in the day-to-day management of businesses is now vital, as the modern business professional requires immediate access to sound legal advice. A dual-degree program provides training that gives you the knowledge, skills and background you need to function in both the law and business sectors.

Graduates from the JD/MBA program can pursue careers in the legal and business professions, especially where those areas overlap. A dual degree is appropriate if you are pursuing a career in banking, management, government regulations, consulting or corporate positions in legal, tax or accounting departments.

You will achieve all learning outcomes of both the JD and MBA degrees. Your studies in each program will be enhanced by designing a curriculum tailored to your interests and career goals.


You will work with your advisors to plot your course sequence based on admission time, career goals, and course availability. The total number of business courses to be completed in year four will be based on course waivers and prerequisites completed. The MBA advisor will determine the final course of study required to earn the degree. Here is a sample plan:

Year One

Fall and Spring Terms

Full time Law program, 29-30 credits

Summer Term

Students will be advised on a case-by-case basis to take summer courses their first summer quarter. Only those that need Business Core courses will be permitted to take summer courses at Quinlan.

Year Two

Fall Term

12 Law credits (4 courses) and 3 Business credits (1 course)

Spring Term

12 Law credits (4 courses) and 3 Business credits (1 course)

Year Three

Fall Term

12 Law credits (4 courses) and 3 Business credits (1 course)

Spring Term

12 Law credits (4 courses) and 3 Business credits (1 course)

Summer Term

Graduation from Law School and Bar Exam

Year Four

Fall Term

6-9 Business credits (2-3 courses)

Winter Term

6-9 Business Credits (2-3 courses)

Spring Term

6 Business credits (2 courses)

Degree Requirements

To earn a dual JD/MBA, you must complete a total of 120-122 credit hours. Of these, 77 hours will be law credits. The remaining hours will be completed in business and will vary depending on prerequisite courses completed prior to enrollment. You can earn the both degrees in four years of concentrated study, completing the JD program in three years and graduating from the MBA program at the end of year four.


The JD/MBA program is geared towards currently-enrolled law students.

To be eligible for the dual-degree program, you must apply to and be admitted to both the Quinlan School of Business and the School of Law independently.

Law school students who have completed their first semester of law studies may apply to the MBA program upon submission of a completed application, official transcripts from all postsecondary schools, and a letter of good standing from the Law School.

Tuition and Fees

The School of Law and Loyola's Office of Student Financial Assistance are committed to helping students secure the necessary financial resources to make their legal education at Loyola affordable.

With proper planning, you can benefit from tuition adjustments. The University's Student Business Office will calculate the tuition of each dual degree student. School of Law financial awards are applied to School of Law tuition only.


Why would I want to consider a dual degree program?

By pursuing two degrees through the dual degree program, you may obtain both degrees simultaneously in less time than if you pursued the degrees separately. Dual JD/MBA graduates are especially skilled at practicing corporate and business law and in working in and consulting for banking, finance, and other regulated business industries.

How does the academic advising system work?

At the School of Law, each dual degree student will be matched with an appropriate law school professor who will serve as the academic advisor for the student. Advising with respect to the MBA program will be coordinated with the School of Business.

What are the prerequisites for a dual degree?

Dual degree students must be admitted to each school. Once admitted to the School of Law, students complete their first year law courses. Students will begin the MBA program following the completion of their first year of legal studies.

When do I need to decide to enter the program?

Individuals admitted to the School of Law should declare their dual degree status at the earliest possible time:

  • Upon completion of their first year of legal studies, and upon admission to the MBA program during the second semester of their 1L year
  • Later in your law studies (at the School of Law Registrar)
  • Students may be permitted to enter a dual degree program as late as the beginning of their final year of law studies, however they may not be eligible for the full range of benefits of the program. Students will not be permitted to enter a dual degree program in their final semester. In all cases, dual degree students must alert the School of Law's Office of Financial Aid.

For more information, please visit the Quinlan School of Business website.