Still need more information?

We’ve answered a few questions we often receive from future students about the application process and requirements for admission:

What are the requirements to apply?

A bachelor's degree from an accredited undergraduate institution or its foreign equivalent and an LSAT score are the basic requirements to apply for law school. Loyola is unable to accept the GRE in lieu of an LSAT score. We've outlined the application process and deadlines for you.

Which undergraduate courses should I take to prepare for and be more competitive for law school?

There is no required or recommended undergraduate major or set of courses to prepare for law school. We admit students from a wide range of academic majors—from political science, English, and history to music, engineering and fine arts.

How will Loyola consider pass/fail grades from spring 2020?

Loyola University Chicago is aware due to extraordinary circumstances of the pandemic, various institutions made policies regarding pass/fail grades for the spring 2020 academic term. We will take into consideration on a case-by-case basis any pass/fail grades in context of your entire academic career and all submitted application materials. 

When should I take the LSAT?

With LSAC offering test administrations several times a year, you have a few options. Your score is active for five years with LSAC. The latest LSAT score that will be accepted for the 2023-2024 application cycle, is the April 2024 exam. Applicants taking the April 2024 exam, must submit an application prior to the May 1 final application deadline for consideration.

Will you consider LSAT-Flex scores any different from in-person LSAT scores?

No, LSAT-Flex scores will be considered in the same way as traditional LSAT scores.

How do you consider multiple LSAT scores?

The admission committee will see all your LSAT scores in the CAS report provided by LSAC. We generally take into account the highest LSAT score for both admission and scholarship consideration.

Can I submit an application before I take the LSAT?

Yes, you can submit your application before you take the LSAT. Your application will be held from entering the review process until your LSAT score is received. Please note, if you have an LSAT score on file and are registered for a future LSAT date, your application will also be held. To remove the hold and have your application reviewed without your future LSAT score, please send an email to law-admissions@luc.edu.

Can I submit an addendum?

Yes, an addendum may be submitted for anything you would like to give more clarity or context to that is not covered in your application materials. Examples of addenda include GPA, LSAT or hardship statements. Please upload addenda in the designated spot on our application form. Please be sure to label each addendum with your name, LSAC account number and document type (i.e. GPA addendum).

What is the CAS?

CAS stands for the Credential Assembly Service and is sponsored by the Law School Admission Council (LSAC). As part of CAS, LSAC assembles your undergraduate academic summary, your LSAT score(s), official transcript(s), writing sample, and letter(s) of recommendation. Thus, you send these documents only once, and the CAS forwards the materials to each school to which you apply. We are unable to waive CAS report fees. 

Where do I send my foreign transcripts?

If you completed your undergraduate work at a foreign institution, you submit your transcripts through the LSAC Credential Assembly Service Authentication and Evaluation.

What is your most recent class profile?

Our fact sheet (PDF) provides a nice snapshot of our recent entering class.

May I apply to both the Full-time JD and Weekend JD programs at the same time?

On your application for admission, you should select the division you are most interested in and that works best for your goals and personal obligations. If you are admitted to one program, you may change your program option prior to the first term, depending on space. After enrollment, you must complete the first full year to be eligible to change programs.

Are there advantages to applying early in the admissions cycle?

We apply the same standards and criteria to evaluate all applicants, whether the application is completed early or not. However, applicants are strongly encouraged to complete their application by December or January.

Loyola also has several special scholarships and fellowships with a March 15 deadline. You must be admitted by this date to be considered. In addition, the earlier in the admissions cycle you apply, the earlier you are likely to receive a decision.

Can you predict my chances of being admitted?

While we are unable to predict or determine your chances of being admitted in advance of the application review process, please note that the Admission Committee is interested in the overall application and will consider all aspects of your file. 

When will you notify me of your admission decision?

Applications enter the review process as they are completed, but admissions decisions are not necessarily made in that order. Application review begins in December, and we start to send admission decisions in late January.

Decisions are released on a rolling basis throughout the admissions cycle. Decision timelines can vary depending on application volume and when in the cycle your application is submitted.

Can I appeal my decision?

There is no appeal process. All decisions made by the admission committee are final. You will need to wait to reapply for the following year.

Are there dual degree programs offered?

Yes, Loyola offers several dual degree programs and the application process is separate from the JD program. Please contact the individual departments directly for additional information. The dual degree options are listed below:

· JD/MA in Political Science with the Department of Political Science
· JD/MBA with the Quinlan School of Business
· JD/MPP with the Master of Public Policy Program
· JD/MSW with the School of Social Work

How can I visit?

There are several ways to connect. Throughout the fall, the JD Admission team will be hosting information sessions designed to equip you with all the information you need to submit a successful application to Loyola.  If you still have lingering questions after attending one of our information sessions, please email law-admissions@luc.edu to begin a conversation.