Furthering your education is an investment in you and your future. We’ve provided you with some information and resources to help you manage the process.

We encourage all students to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The earliest you can submit the FAFSA is October 1st in the year prior to when you’ll receive aid. Loyola’s code is 001710. After the Student Award Report is confirmed, Loyola sends you verification, which outlines the amount of aid awarded to you, based on your Expected Family Contribution. The award may include federal loans, scholarships, and work study.


Loans can come from federal loan programs, alternative loan programs, or both. You must complete the FAFSA form to determine the amount of federal loans available to you. Federal loans have lower interest rates and repayment options, but private and alternative loans are another option.

Loyola University Chicago Law Awards

Our friends and alumni understand the value of a legal education. Through their generosity, we are able to enroll and retain qualified students.

First-Year Awards

To be considered for first-year specialized scholarships and fellowships, you must submit applications by March 15.

Merit Scholarships Awarded at the time of admission to full- or weekend JD students. Merit awards are renewed automatically for students in good standing Varies
The Bernstein Scholarship Series Awarded to admitted, U.S. citizens enrolling full-time who demonstrate need. Varies
Circle of Advocates of the Joseph W. Bernstein Scholarship Fund Awarded to full-time admitted student with achievements in debate, moot court, mock trial and who has demonstrated need. At least $5,000
Judge William J. Campbell Public Interest Scholarship Awarded to full-time admitted student with proven public interest experience and who has demonstrated need. $4,000
Loyola Community Service Scholarship Awarded to incoming students based on their commitment to public service, their demonstrated academic abilities, and their potential for leadership. Community service work will be defined broadly to include employment, advocacy, and/or volunteer activities, both in government and non-government arenas; including (but not limited to) those who participated in Americorps, City Corps, City Year, Peace Corps, VISTA, Teach for America, Jesuit Volunteer Corps, or completed active military duty. A minimum of one year of service is required. $5,000 for the first year of law school 
Martin J. Healy, Jr. Scholarship Awarded to full-time JD student who is the first in their family to receive a college degree. Award Varies
Mark & Charlene Novak Scholarship Awarded to a student who is a member of a trade union, or the child of a member of a trade union. Varies
The John J. Piderit, S.J./Theodore G. Munz, S.J./Loyola Academy Scholarship Awarded to full-time student who is a graduate of Loyola Academy and shows financial need. Varies
Child and Family Law Fellowships Awarded to admitted students chosen through an application process and who are interested in child and family law. An application must be submitted and finalists must be interviewed. $20,000 over 3 years of school
Health Law Fellowships Awarded to admitted students chosen through an application process and who are interested in health law. Varies
Intellectual Property Fellowships Awarded to admitted students, through an application process, with demonstrated interest in intellectual property. $2,500
Upper Class Awards

To apply for for our numerous upper class awards, you must also submit a resume, the FAFSA and an application through Loyola Scholarship Connection. Additional materials, including but not limited to a letter of nomination, may be required. The application for 2023-2024 will open in March, 2023.

Outside Awards

Several outside scholarship programs exist for JD students. While we do not endorse any organization or firm, we recommend you review the criteria, deadlines, and application process for each of the awards:

Through your own research, you may discover grants or scholarships for which you qualify. Here are a few free search sites to help you identify potential awards:

If you are awarded an outside grant or scholarship, you’ll need to complete the Outside Scholarship Report form.

Work Study

Full-time students may qualify for federal work-study. If you qualify, you may earn money through campus and community-based employment. You must complete the FAFSA and the Financial Aid Office form to request work study.

Military and Veterans Awards

The Alternate Entry Option of the ARMY ROTC Scholarship is available to JD students and requires 2 years left until graduation. These scholarships are based on academic and extracurricular achievement as well as leadership potential. Please contact Mr. Djimitri Francois, Army ROTC Scholarship & Enrollment Officer, at 773-508-8980 or dfrancois@luc.edu.

We also partner with the University’s Financial Aid Office to offer resources to current and former military students.

Financial Education

Loyola University Chicago partners with AccessLex Institute, a nonprofit organization dedicated to offering financial education programming and resources that help students confidently manage their finances. Through AccessLex, we offer workshops and one-on-one counseling.

AccessLex Institute Resources:

Loyola's Financial Aid Office also offers financial literacy resources and workshops.