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Faculty and Administration Profiles

Atanu Das

Title/s:  Distinguished Scholar in Residence

Phone: 630-710-0094

Email: adas@luc.edu

CV Link: Das CV


Professor Das is a Distinguished Scholar in Residence for Loyola University Chicago School of Law, where he teaches several different intellectual property courses. Das is also an attorney at Guntin & Gust in Chicago. His practice focuses on patent procurement as well as client patent portfolio development and management. Das also has significant litigation experience that is invaluable in his patent preparation, prosecution, and counseling practices, which allows him to anticipate potential enforceability and licensing pitfalls for his clients. His litigation background includes drafting complaints, answers to complaints, and motions as well as preparing infringement contentions and claim construction briefs.

Professor Das has published law journal articles and spoken at conferences in the area of the law that overlaps with Cyberlaw and Constitutional Law. This includes constitutional issues arising from border searches of mobile phones, utilizing technology in mail-in voting, free speech on social media, and privacy on the Internet.

Das’ electrical engineering background and wide range of technical experience, which includes working as a systems engineer with a leading telecommunications equipment manufacturer, provides a unique perspective in researching the area of the law that intersects with Cyberlaw and Constitutional Law as well as allows him to understand technical details of patents he deals with in his teaching and practice.


BS, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, Electrical Engineering, 1996
MS, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, Electrical Engineering, 1998
JD, Loyola University Chicago School of Law, 2006

Program Areas

Intellectual Property Law, Patent Law, Cyberlaw, Constitutional Law

Courses Taught

Cyberlaw: Topics include the bounds of jurisdiction, privacy, governance, online commercial transactions, and content protection (through IP law, contract, and technology).

Introduction to Intellectual Property: Topics include Trade Secrets, Patents, Copyrights, Trademarks, and the Right of Publicity. Assigns real world projects to discuss current issues in various aspects of Intellectual Property Law.

Patent Law/Patent Prosecution Seminar: Covering different topics in patent law including drafting claims, application, responses to office action as well as providing opinions, drafting claim constructions and summary judgment briefs with oral argument.

Selected Publications

Mitigating Potential Vote-By-Mail Fraud While Simultaneously Increasing Vote-By-Mail Ballot Acceptance By Utilizing Facial Recognition and Multifactor Authentication Technology 34 Harvard Journal of Law & Technology Digest Fall (2020) https://jolt.law.harvard.edu/digest/mitigating-potential-vote-by-mail-fraud-while-simultaneously-increasing-vote-by-mail-ballot-acceptance-by-utilizing-facial-recognition-and-multifactor-authentication-technology

Chilling Social Media: Warrantless Border Searches of Social Media Accounts Infringe Upon the Freedom of Association and the Freedom to be Anonymous Under the First Amendment 84 Brooklyn Law Review 4 (2019)

Crossing the Line: Homeland Security Border Search of Mobile Device Data Likely Unconstitutional 22 University of Pennsylvania Journal of Law and Social Change 3 (2019) https://scholarship.law.upenn.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1235&context=jlasc

Unlimited Data Search Plan: Warrantless Border Search of Mobile Device Data Likely Unconstitutional for Violating the Fundamental Right to Informational Privacy 93 St. John's Law Review 2 (2019) https://scholarship.law.stjohns.edu/lawreview/vol93/iss2/2/