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Faculty and Administration Profiles

Jacob Graham

Phone: (717) 554-0056

Email: jacobrgraham@gmail.com


Jacob Graham has substantial experience advising clients on a wide range of patent, intellectual property, civil rights, employment, and commercial legal issues. He currently serves as intellectual property counsel at The Dow Chemical Company.

Prior to joining Dow, Mr. Graham worked in private practice, externed for a federal judge, and performed research in private industry and government settings as a scientist. He enjoys the comparative aspects of patent law and its interplay between innovation and economics on micro and macro scales.

Mr. Graham believes in continuous improvement in combination with holistic perspectives and integrated solutions. He champions the idea of fostering psychological safety to bring inclusive teams together to solve problems. As an adjunct professor, he aims to engage students and improve their professional and social understandings.


Pennsylvania State University, B.S. Biotechnology
Loyola University Chicago School of Law, J.D.

Courses Taught

Legal Writing