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Faculty and Administration Profiles

Michael Mitchell

Title/s:  Adjunct Faculty


Professor Michael Mitchell has had a long career as a corporate lawyer and a journalist. He worked for several large corporations as a consumer credit attorney, including Home Depot, Citibank, Sears and Discover Card.

Mitchell graduated magna cum laude from the University of Indiana School of Law-Indianapolis, where he served as editor-in-chief of the Indiana Law Review in his final year. Upon graduation, Mitchell clerked for Robert McLaren, chief justice of the Illinois Court of Appeals-Second Division. Prior to embarking on his legal career, Mitchell worked as journalist, first as a reporter for the Associated Press for four years, then as a copy editor and section editor for the Los Angeles Times for 14 years. He then taught journalism at Butler University in Indianapolis for five years. Mitchell also taught legal writing for three years at Loyola Law School-Chicago. Besides his law degree, Mitchell has masters degrees (with honors) and bachelor's degrees (cum laude) from the University of Southern California.