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Faculty and Administration Profiles

Michael Nathanson

Title/s:  Adjunct Professor
President, Cadwallader Corp.; Principal, Medical Mediation Associates

Phone: 312.664.8375

Email: Michael_cadcorp@sbcglobal.net


Michael Nathanson is the President of Cadwallader Corporation which has provided ADR services for 38 years. He did 3,000 mediations, chaired many arbitrations and did many facilitations. He has been on a number of ADR panels: AAA (commercial and environmental), EEOC, FDIC, Chicago Bar Association, Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, IRS, State of Illinois Special Education, National Health Lawyers Association, and the U.S. Post Office. He has been a mediator/trainer for Center for Conflict Resolution (CCR) 38 years. He has done over 200 mediation trainings mainly for CCR, but also for firms like Accenture and BP Amoco. He is an ombudsman for the U.S. Defense Department. He was an officer of the Mediation Council of Ill. He is an adjunct law professor at Kent and Loyola Law Schools where he teaches their basic mediation courses, and, at Loyola, Child and Family Law Mediation. For three years he was an adjunct law professor at DePaul Law School where he taught Advanced Mediation. He lectures for CCR in Northwestern Law School’s Mediation-Negotiation class and in Loyola Law School’s Mediation Advocacy class. In 2002 he received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Mediation Council of Illinois.

Prior to becoming a neutral he was a scientist at Argonne National Laboratory, was Argonne’s liaison to Los Alamos National Laboratory for special nuclear materials licensing, was a scientist at the Canadian Department of Agriculture, was a national reporter for Crain Communications’ Modern Healthcare Magazine, and was a respiratory therapist at the University of Chicago Hospitals plus a founder of its Respiratory Therapy School and the founder of the Committee on Taxation of the National Association of Environmental Professionals. He was on the full-time faculty of The Johns Hopkins University School of Public Health where he taught the basic public health course to physicians. At DePaul University he taught both an Ecology course and, in the graduate school, U.S. Healthcare Policy. He is a member of the Illinois CPA Society, the Association for Conflict Resolution, ABCEP and a life member of both the American Association for the Advancement of Science and of Sigma Xi.


BS, Geophysics, University of Chicago
MS, Geophysics, University of Chicago
PhD, Population Ecology, University of Chicago
MBA, Finance, Economics, and International Business, University of Chicago
Certified Public Accountant (Illinois)
Certified Environmental Professional (Academy of Board Certified Environmental Professionals)
Certified facilitative (CCR) and Transformative (Institute for Study of Conflict Transformation) Mediator

Professional Employment

 Cadwallader Corporation

Program Areas

Child and Family Law Mediation
Mediation Seminar

Courses Taught

Mediation Seminar - Fall

Child and Family Law Mediation - Spring

Selected Publications

"The Cannibalism of Pupae by Adult Flour Beetles." T. Park, D.B. Mertz, and M. Nathanson. Physiological Zoology 41: 228-253, 1968.

"A Relationship Between Handling and a Developmental Abnormality in the Flour Beetle, Tribolium spp." M. F. Ryan and M. Nathanson. Bulletin of Entomological Research 59: 435-440, 1969

"Cannibalism of Pupae by Mixed-Species Populations of Adult Tribolium." T Park, M. Nathanson, J.R. Ziegler and D.B. Mertz. Physiological Zoology 43: 166-184, 1970.

"Dispersion Patterns in Single and Mixed-Species Populations of the Flour Beetle, Tribolium." M. Nathanson, University of Chicago. 194 Pp. 1971.

"The Effects of Resource Limitation on Competing Populations of Flour Beetles, Tribolium spp. (Coleoptera, Tenebrionidae)." M. Nathanson. Bulletin of Entomological Research 65: 1-12, 1975.

"Environmental Impacts of a Safeguards System at a Back-End Fuel Cycle Facility." J.H. Opelka, S.W. Hong, M. Nathanson, et al. In: Proceeding of the Twentieth Meeting of the Institute for Nuclear Materials Management, July 1979.