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Faculty and Administration Profiles

Chlece Neal

Title/s:  Adjunct Faculty

Email: cneal2@luc.edu


Chlece is a Chicago transplant, originally from Bronx, New York, and born in Texas. She is an attorney and the Executive Director and co-founder of Chicago Advocate Legal, NFP (CAL), a not-for-profit law firm focused on housing, family, DCFS appeals, and the Preventive Law Initiative developed by Chlece in 2017. The mission of CAL is to provide community education on psychosocial-legal issues and systems, and flat-fee income-based legal services to those who cannot afford more traditional legal fees and are unable to get assistance through legal aid. Chlece also works as a research assistant on child trafficking issues at the Center for the Human Rights of Children at Loyola University Chicago School of Law, and at UIC Policy Institute on the 13th Amendment and its application to those who are incarcerated or detained in jail. Chlece holds a J.S., MSW, and MS in Computer Science Software Engineering, she is pursuing her PhD. in Social Work at UIC-Chicago. She also teaches in the online Master of Jurisprudence program in Children's Law and Policy.

Courses Taught

Introduction to the Study of Law and the Legal System