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Faculty and Administration Profiles

Kevin C. Rasp

Title/s:  Partner, O’Hagan Meyer, LLC

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Kevin C. Rasp is a partner at O’Hagan Meyer’s Chicago office. He began his career at a medical malpractice defense firm in Fort Wayne, Indiana, where he defended healthcare providers in Indiana’s unique Medical Review Panel system. He worked closely with client physicians, nursing homes, and hospitals to learn the applicable medicine and prepare submissions to the Medical Review Panel. These submissions discussed the relevant treatment, demonstrated his client’s adherence to the standard of care, and contested the medical causation of the patient’s injuries. When cases were not resolved at the Medical Review Panel stage, Kevin defended his healthcare clients as their medical malpractice cases continued in state court.

While in Indiana, Kevin also litigated products liability and personal injury cases from the initial stage of investigation through discovery, mediation, trial and the appeal process. He second chaired several medical malpractice trials and represented clients in courtrooms across the state.

When Kevin returned to Chicago, his practice focused on the defense of products liability, wrongful death, and mass tort cases in Illinois, Indiana and around the country. He managed a varied and challenging caseload where he had the opportunity to depose expert witnesses, lead trial teams, and brief a successful appeal.

At O’Hagan Meyer, Kevin defends healthcare providers in cases alleging medical malpractice or violations of the Nursing Home Care Act. His focus is medical malpractice and other professional negligence claims, but he is a litigator and enjoys representing clients in cases of all types.  He prefers the courtroom to the mediator’s office, but litigates cases for his clients and works to find efficient, satisfactory, creative resolutions wherever possible.  Kevin maintains his Indiana license so in addition to Illinois, he regularly represents clients in courtrooms across the State of Indiana.

Kevin graduated from Loyola University Chicago School of Law where he served on the Executive Board of the Annals of Health Law and tutored Health Law Legal Writing, a class he now occasionally teaches.  He completed externships at the American Dental Association and for Magistrate Judge Jeffrey Cole of United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois.  He clerked for a commercial litigation firm where he drafted several chapters of Handling the Business Emergency, which was published by the American Bar Association.  He enjoys reminding students of the days before online legal research.


BA, DePauw University, 2004
JD, Loyola University Chicago School of Law, 2007

Program Areas

Legal Writing