Allen E. Shoenberger

Title/s:  John J. Waldron Professor of Law

Office #:  Corboy 1325

Phone: 312.915.7141

Email: ashoen1@luc.edu


After graduation from law school, Professor Shoenberger served as a visiting lecturer at the University of Nairobi, Kenya from 1969-1971; he was the assistant editor of the East African Law Reports and an International Legal Center Fellow during that period. He was also a Ford Urban Law Fellow in 1971-72, as well as a National Science Foundation Fellow to the Seminar in Social Science Methods in Legal Education in 1972. He has been a hearing officer for the Illinois Pollution Control Board. He has served as a consultant for the Administrative Conference of the United States on disability law, as well as for other agencies and groups, often in various areas regarding the rights of the disabled with particular attention to educational rights. He has also supervised the appellate practicum program, which represents prisoners on court appointment before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit as well as before the U.S. Supreme Court. He has received joint appointments with Loyola's Schools of Social Work and Medicine.


BA, Swarthmore, 1966
JD, Columbia, 1969
LLM, New York University, 1972

Selected Publications

Professor Allen Shoenberger's SSRN Webpage


Fundamental Rights in the European Union, 29 Human Rights Q. 1131 (2007) (book review)

Muzzling and Caging Administrative Law Judges: The Social Security Administration Attempts to Control its Most "Notorious" Employees, 25 J. Nat'l Ass'n. Admin. L. Judges 429 (2005)

Messages from Strasbourg: Lessons for American Courts from the Highest Volume Human Rights Court in the World - The European Court of Human Rights, 27 Whittier L. Rev. 357 (2005)

The European View of American Justice, 36 Loy.U.Chi. L.J. 603 (2005) [article]

The Active Administrative Law Judge: Is there harm in an ALJ asking? 18 J.N.A.A.L.J. 395 (1998)

Security of Tenure of Administrative Law Judges: How much can an ALJ say and still stay an ALJ, 17 J.N.A.A.L.J. 219 (1997)

Recent Presentations

Spoke on First Amendment law and judicial independence at a conference sponsored by the Illinois Association of Administrative Law Judges, 2006.