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Faculty and Administration Profiles

Alexander Stoyanov

Title/s:  Adjunct Professor, Rule of Law for Development Program


Alexander Stoyanov is the Director of Research at the Center for the Study of Democracy and the Director of Vitosha Research. Since 1991, he has participated in the design and implementation of a number of social and market research projects in the fields of social and economic behavior, social justice, corruption and organized crime, and crime victimization, supported by UNDP, the World Bank, USAID and the European Commission.

Prof.  Stoyanov is an adjunct professor for the Rule of Law for Development Program (PROLAW). As part of the course on Theory and Practice of Assessments in Rule of Law Advising, his teachings are focused on the collection and interpretation of data and the use of statistical methods as applicable in rule of law assessments.

Prof. Stoyanov holds a PhD in Sociology from the University of National and World Economy in Sofia, Bulgaria.