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Nationwide - Veterinary Pet Insurance

‌Nationwide's veterinary pet insurance is the nation’s oldest, largest, and number one veterinarian-recommended pet health insurance provider! With comprehensive plans designed to protect you financially when the unexpected occurs, affordable coverage from Nationwide allows you to focus on providing optimal healthcare for your pet rather than worrying about the cost of treatment.
  • Enhanced program is exclusive and not offered to the general public, and provides one set price regardless of the pet’s age, 90% back on vet bills,  and an average savings of 40% over similar plans
  • A VetHelpline is available with 24/7 access to a veterinary professional ($150 value)
For more information call 877.738.7874 or Enroll 
Chase Payment Feature
As of May 2017, a new Chase payment feature is available for policyholders. Quick Pay is a timely solution for claims reimbursement that is free, fast, simple, and secure.
  • Nationwide's veterinary pet insurance policyholders who choose Electronic Claims Payment are able to link their checking or savings account to a Chase Payments account, and ultimately receive reimbursements electronically.
  • Policyholders can enroll in Electronic Claims Payment through my.petinsurance.com and click the "Receive claim payment electronically."
  • Learn more: Chase "Quick Pay" Features

For more information call 877.738.7874 or Enroll!