Loyola University Chicago

Human Resources

Sample Interview Questions for Faculty

  1. Describe your teaching style.

  2. Describe your teaching philosophy.

  3. What technology applications have you utilized in the classroom?

  4. How do you engage students, particularly in a course for non-majors?

  5. Share you ideas about professional development.

  6. In you opinion, how should the workload of a faculty member be split and into what areas?

  7. What changes have you brought to the teaching of _________?

  8. How would you go about being an advocate and resource for the use of technology in the teaching and learning process?

  9. What courses have you created or proposed in the past five years?

  10. What do you think are the most important attributes of a good instructor?

  11. Where would this position fit into your career development goals?

  12. How do you define good teaching?

  13. What do you think are your greatest strengths as an instructor? In which areas do you feel you can use some further development?

  14. How do you feel your teaching style can serve our student population?

  15. In what professional development activities have you been involved over the past few years?

  16. What pedagogical changes do you see on the horizon in your discipline?

  17. How would your background and experiences strengthen this academic department?

  18. How do you adjust your style to the less-motivated or under-prepared student?

  19. Have you involved your students in your research?

  20. What are your current research interests?

  21. What are the most recent book and article that you’ve read?

  22. What can you bring to the department that is uniquely yours?

  23. What kind of techniques have you found, to be effective?

  24. How well do you interact with your colleagues and what attribute do you bring to the department that will make a positive difference in this College?

  25. How do you define success in a Urban University classroom? How do you measure that success?

  26. Loyola University Chicago system has a culturally diverse student population with varied academic backgrounds. A faculty member must appreciate and be willing to adapt his/her skills and strategies to cope with such a challenging environment. What are some qualities that prepare you to effectively teach in this kind of environment?

  27. Describe the most recent difficult situation you encountered in your class and how you handled it?