Loyola University Chicago

Human Resources

Sample Mission & Diversity Interview Questions

Mission Related Interview Questions

Ask the candidate if they have read or seen our Mission statement before. If not, take a moment and let the candidate read our Mission Statement, which can be found here

Ask the candidate…

  • Recognizing that we come from diverse faith traditions, how will you help faculty, staff and students who are not Catholic feel welcome and included? 
  • How would your work contribute to our student-centered focus?
  • How might your work support our mission and identity? What is it about our Mission statement that appeals to you? Anything in particular?
  • What does our Mission statement say to you?
  • How would you contribute to our Mission?
  • Do you see yourself contributing to our Mission?

Diversity Related Interview Questions 

Ask the candidate…

  • Could you please describe any ways in which you have demonstrated a commitment and/or experience of promoting and fostering a working (or learning) environment that is supportive of individuals from diverse backgrounds, either in a professional capacity or a volunteer setting?

  • Please describe your experience working and/or interacting with diverse groups of people.

  • How have you handled a situation when a colleague was not accepting of others’ Diversity?

  • How did you make an impact on the value of Diversity at your previous or current employer?

  • How have you professionally furthered your knowledge about Diversity?

  • What steps have you taken at your last employer to create an inclusive environment?

  • What Diversity challenges did you face at your last employer? How did you address these challenges and describe the challenges you faced?