Loyola University Chicago

Human Resources

Sample Telephone Pre-Screen Questions

Planning and Arranging the Telephone Interview

  • Schedule a interview phone call for no more than 30 minutes.
  • Review candidate's application materials.
  • Prepare questions.

Conducting the Telephone Interview

  1. Describe how the interview will be conducted with candidate.
  2. Ask questions pertaining to the resume (for example, questions about gaps in employment or change of professions).
  3. Ask why the person is interested in leaving his or her current positions.
  4. Ask one or two technical questions about the job.
  5. Ask one or two questions that will help you determine the interviewee’s “fit” to your department and this position.
  6. Ask follow-up questions as appropriate.
  7. Explain to the candidate the next step in the selection process.
  8. Thank the candidate for their time. 

*Note: Phone interviews carry the same legal requirements as in-person interviews.