Submitting Manuscripts

Annually, the Loyola University Chicago International Law Review accepts topics for the fall/winter publication based on the prior spring symposium topic. Articles from the speakers of these events as well as non-speaker articles discussing the annual symposium topic are reviewed and considered for publication. We also accept submissions from academis and legal practitioners for the spring publication. 

Previous symposium and article topics include:

  • The Laws of War
  • Free Trade Area of the Americas
  • International Environmental Law
  • World Trade Organization Law and Practice
  • The International Criminal Court

Academicians, practitioners, and students who wish to submit a paper should send documents to lucilrarticles@gmail.com. A complete submission includes: 

  • A working title of paper with a one-paragraph abstract or general description of the paper you plan to present;
  • Contact information including name, title, institutional affiliation, postal address, email address and telephone; and
  • A short (50-75 word) bio of your professional background. ‚Äč
“A career in public interest law will allow me to continue to fight for justice, and intellectual property combines my interest and background in science with the law.”
Amber Carpenter JD student