Loyola University Chicago

Law Scholarship Recipients

Ballek, Elizabeth



Elizabeth Ballek
Barbara P. and Edward M. O'Toole

Expected year of graduation: 2013
Any other scholarships received while here at Loyola  
Undergraduate Institution/Degree/Major St. Mary's Notre Dame/Bachelors of Science in Nursing/1985
Hometown Chicago


What attracted you to Loyola:
I work with many graduates of the school and live and work in the city.

What is the greatest learning experience you have had at Loyola:
My greatest learning experience at Loyola was working as a student attorney for the Health Justice Project Medical-Legal Partnership Clinic. As a student attorney, I learned firsthand that the knowledge I have gained in law school can be used in a direct and powerful way to impact clients' lives for the better. I also learned that an interdisciplinary approach to the problem of disparities in health care-through law, medicine, and social work-can produce more positive change than any of those fields could on their own.

Extracurricular Activities Hobbies and Interests:
I work full time at a law firm in the loop assisting with medical malpractice litigation. I have a wonderful family and enjoy sports and reading.

Community service or other volunteer activities:
I volunteer for several pet adoption organizations in the city to help find home for homeless pets.

Area of legal interest and or your intended practice area upon graduation:

Possibly litigation related to medical malpractice but I am not fully decided at this point.