Commitment to Social Justice and Racial Equality

Loyola University Chicago School of Law’s Commitment to Social Justice and Racial Equality

We, the undersigned administrators, faculty, students, staff and alumni/alumnae of the Loyola University Chicago School of Law, join in expressing the following thoughts about recent events that have substantially and adversely impacted communities of color, particularly the Black community.

We are gravely concerned about—and in several respects outraged by—the continued existence of extensive and systemic racism and inequality in this country. Such biases, whether explicit or implicit, are inconsistent with our common humanity and the national ideal of “liberty and justice for all.”

In light of these concerns and ideals, we therefore jointly express the following:

That as members of a Jesuit law school community, particularly in the United States of America, we have a fundamental responsibility to advance social justice.

That a key component of advancing social justice is advocating for and working towards actual, not theoretical, equality in this country.

That a significant part of advancing social justice is calling attention to and condemning incidents of injustice and inequality. Recent examples of this include:

  • The excessive use of force against George Floyd, whose death resulted not only from unnecessary and unlawful force during his arrest, but also from indifference to his suffering and basic humanity.
  • The tragic and unjustified killing of Breonna Taylor by detectives executing a search warrant.
  • The senseless and unjustified killing of Ahmaud Arbery by white self-proclaimed vigilantes.
  • The gross inequality of treatment that the perpetrators of these acts received in the criminal justice process. All appear to have been afforded far greater rights, protections, and consideration than their victims, or than are frequently afforded to similarly situated citizens of color.
  • The disproportionate effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on members of socio-economically disadvantaged communities, which are disproportionately communities of color, that include:
    • Unequal access to medical care
    • Unequal access to remote primary and secondary education
    • Unequal access to business credit and government relief funds
    • Unequal treatment in conditions of employment and work

We consider it our civic duty and moral obligation to help remedy these inequalities and injustices. We commit ourselves to doing the work required to effect legitimate and long-lasting change in our public and private institutions.This includes a firm commitment to examine our own policies, practices and curriculum to determine how they can be strengthened to address issues of racial justice and equality, and to better prepare members of our community to be leaders of change. And we call upon all Americans to join us in this effort.

Things we are doing

At Loyola University Chicago School of Law, we are constantly striving to:
  • increase the diversity of students, faculty, and leadership, including senior leadership
  • revise the curriculum to include more diverse viewpoints, social-justice oriented instruction and anti-racist pedagogy
  • increase the diversity of voices in our law journals and events
  • listen...in order to identify additional opportunities for change and growth
and in the recent past, we have:
  • beginning fall 2018, added a required, 1L, Professional Identity Formation course to help students acquire competencies on how to recognize and address the impact of implicit bias, racism, and injustice in our legal system and practice
  • in 2018, appointed an Assistant Dean for Inclusion, Diversity and Equity
  • in 2018, created a working group focused on inclusion, diversity and equity issues and initiatives

Although many of us have already joined together to pursue concrete action and effective strategies to produce real change, we know there is still much work to be done. Dean Kaufman has challenged the administration, faculty and staff.

"As a great law school, we must attack this inflection point in our history with the powerful force of our collective talent, expertise, experience, compassion, and commitment. How can we best use the privilege of our positions as educators to help uproot racism in our souls and to dismantle racial injustice in our society?"

While everyone's ability to take action is different, everyone can likely take some action to advance the cause of racial justice and equality. Listed here are things members of the Loyola law community are doing or have done to make a difference.

Professor Patricia H. Lee

  • Strengthening Black and Latino/a owned small business, nonprofits and entrepreneurs in Illinois and collaborate with technical service providers (local, state and federal) who support them.
  • Training public interest law interns during the summer to work with Illinois small business, entrepreneurs and not-for-profits and who are hearing first hand the experiences of these Illinois business organizations
  • In a personal role, helping to raise awareness of another Black man who was of Panamanian ancestry whose life was cut short at the hands of police abuse in Austin, Texas (last year). Please keep Ambler's Family in your prayers. #JusticeForJavierAmbler
Professor John Dehn
  • Donating to various candidates whose views should advance social justice
  • Donating to various charitable organizations to help those in need
  • Advocating/Attempting to clarify the law related to domestic security and civil rights
  • Having the "hard" conversations about race with my children, other family and friends
  • Discussing racial justice and equality issues with students, doing lots of listening
  • Studying how to adjust my courses to better address racial injustice & inequality issues

Josie M. Gough
Assistant Dean, Inclusion, Diversity and Equity
Director, Experiential Learning
Curt and Linda Rodin Assistant Professor of Social Justice

  • Creating an Office of Inclusion, Diversity and Equity that focuses on students and their needs
  • Creating a series of Signature programs that foster strategic partnerships with the legal, cultural and faith based communities
  • Producing programs that specifically tackle issues related to the impact of racism in the City of Chicago and the role of our law school and legal community
  • Faculty Advisor for Loyola University's Undergraduate Diverse Student interested in pursuing a law degree
  • Developing a 3 Plus 3 Program with Chicago State University
  • Personal financial support to benefit student programs
  • Continuing to develop strategic partnerships with the legal community for the benefit of students interested in improving inclusion and equity in the legal profession
  • Frequent speaker on issues of diversity and inclusion in the business and legal community
  • Service to our students as an Ombudsperson

Miranda Johnson
Clinical Professor of Law
Director of the Education Law and Policy Institute

  • I published this opinion piece on school policing in the Chicago Tribune
  • I am continuing to support efforts to replace school police with school-based mental health supports and social-emotional learning.

Spencer Weber Waller
John Paul Stevens Chair in Competition Law

  • Attending Black Lives Matter Protests
  • Donating to Candidates and Causes Supporting Social, Racial, and Economic Justice
  • Increasing Attention and Discussion of Issues of Anti-Racism in my Teaching and Research
  • Advocating for Increased Social, Racial, and Economic Justice at the Federal, State, and Local Level

Things you can do

While everyone's ability to take action is different, everyone can likely take some action to advance the cause of racial justice and equality. Listed here are things you can do to make a difference. If you are a member of the Loyola community and want to recommend supporting an organization or activity, please click here.

(Please note, the inclusion or failure to include any organization or activity here should not be understood as an endorsement or disapproval of any organization or its activities, in whole or in part. This is intended to be a list of ideas, not recommendations. Each person should investigate any opportunity mentioned below more thoroughly before acting. Please notify the page administrator of any missing/inaccurate information.)

Great overall source: https://blacklivesmatters.carrd.co

  • Includes
    • Petitions for George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Regis Korchinski, Tony McDade, Joao Pedro, Julius Jones, Belly Mujinga, Willie Simmons, Kyjuanzi Harris, Alejandro Vargas Martinez, Sean Reed, Kendrick Johnson, Tamir Rice, Jamee Johnson, Darius Stweart, Chrystul Kizer, Andile Mchunu, Eric Riddick, Amiya Braxton, Emerald Black, Elijah Nichols, Zinedine Karabo Gioia, Angel Bumpass, Sheku Bayoh and more.
    • Text/ call/ email options
    • Places to donate

Chicago- Area

Donate to:


  • Attend local protests https://www.protestchicago.com/
  • Call/ email your local representatives to encourage the change of police training
  • Check Block Club Chicago for information regarding donations, protests and clean ups in your area https://blockclubchicago.org
  • Offer your assistance to firms representing protestors https://sllawfirm.com
    • Saeed and Little are representing protesters arrested in Chicago, Indianapolis or Louisville Pro-Bono and are looking to take on additional help
    • Contact information is on their website, or you can reach out through an employee’s Instagram, the firms Twitter, or the firms Facebook to offer help
      • General email: info@sllawfirm.com
      • Instagram Handle (Lawyer who works at the firm) : theindy400
      • Twitter Handle : @saeedandlittle
      • Facebook Page: Saeed and Little, LLP
  • Stay active and involved on social media by using the hashtag #blacklivesmatter
  • Support Black- Owned businesses in Chicago https://blackownedchicago.com/


Donate to:


Donate to:


Michael Kaufman, Dean and Vice Provost
Zelda Harris, Associate Dean, Academic Affairs
James J. Faught, Associate Dean, Administration
Matthew Sag, Associate Dean, Faculty Research and Development
Nora Kantwill, Associate Dean, Advancement
Ann Talbot, Sr. Assistant Dean, Enrollment Management
Maya Crim, Assistant Dean, JD Admission
Lindsay Dunbar, Assistant Dean, Graduate and Online Education
Josie Gough, Assistant Dean, Office of Inclusion, Diversity and Equity
Maureen Kieffer, Assistant Dean, Career Services
Giselle Santibanez-Bania, Assistant Dean, Student Services
John C. Dehn, Associate Professor & Faculty Director, National Security & Civil Rights Program

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Brittany Scott

Steven Ramirez

Lindsey Johnson

Jack Lewis
Class of 2021

Kristi Turnbaugh
Director of Communications

Nadia N. Sawicki
Georgia Reithal Professor and Co-Director of the Beazley Institute for Health Law & Policy

Henry Rose
Curt and Linda Rodin Professor of Law and Social Justice

Hollis R. Hanover
Associate Director of Career Services
Class of 1999

Tim O'Brien

Karen Alicia Shaw
Director of Graduate Legal Studies and Adjunct Professor of Legal Writing 

Kalyani Robbins
Professor of Law

Jim Alrutz
Class of 2021

Stacey Platt
Curt & Linda Rodin Clinical Professor of Law & Social Justice
Associate Director, ChildLaw Clinic

Eve Rips
Clinical Teaching Fellow
Civitas ChildLaw Center

Colleen Ahern
Class of 2021

Professor Patricia H. Lee

Arthur Stone

Jennifer Grieco

Michael Alkaraki
Class of  '06,  Adj. Professor, Dean's Diversity Council, Law Alumni Board of Governors  

Melissa A. Hale
Director of Academic Success and Bar Programs

Katelyn Berens
Class of 2023

Prof. Allen E Shoenberger

Jeanne Colleran
Ph.d. Strategic Coordinator Rule of Law Programs

Alida EH Beck

Kayla Colombo
Assistant Director for JD Admission

Erin Hammons

Stephanie R. Howard
Class of 2021

Jay Zenker

Emily Binger

Teresa F. Frisbie
Director, Dispute Resolution Program 

Thomas M. Haney
Judge Hubert Louis Will Professor of Law

Sarah Waldeck

Abigail Mitchell

Bill Elward

Diane Geraghty
Professor of Law

John M. Breen
Georgia Reithal Professor of Law

Tonya Romin
Dir. Alumni Relations

Jenna Silver
Associate Director of Student Services

Jennifer Sabourin
Class of 2020

Stephen Rushin
Associate Professor

Dean A. Strang

Bruce A. Boyer

Miranda Johnson
Clinical Professor of Law and Director of the Education Law and Policy Institute

Maria Hawilo

Laura Matthews-Jolly
Clinical Teaching Fellow
Civitas ChildLaw Clinic

Sheila Simhan
Associate Director of Career Services

Theresa C. Ceko

Katherine Kaufka Walts
Clinical Professor of Law
Director, Center for the Human Rights of Children

Chipo C. Nyambuya
Director of Externships

Kirk Walter
Director of the Weekend JD Program

Julienne E. Grant
Reference Librarian/Foreign & International Research Specialist

Michael Lonero
Director of Law Technology

Prof. Allen Shoenberger
John Waldron Professor of Law 

James Hagy
Distinguished Lecturer in Residence 

Anita Weinberg
Curt and Linda Rodin Clinical Professor of Law and Social Justice
Director, Rodin Center for Social Justice and ChildLaw Policy Institute

Tyler Speakes

Adonis Totten, Class of 2022

Andrea Hoover
Class of 2022

Ellie Betar

Kennedy Chiglo

Samanthi Makeswaran

Amanda Garske
Class of 2021

Hannah E. Amundsen

LaTrina Porter
Director of Strategic and Multicultural Programs

Jordan Paradise
Georgia Reithal Professor of Law
Co-Director, Beazley Institute for Health Law & Policy

Erica Achepohl

Alexandra Raynor

Marcella Slay
Class of 2021

Anna Kenneally

Madeleine Morris
Class of 2022

Spencer Weber Waller
John Paul Stevens Chair in Competition Law

Maria E. Kardasis 

Brendon Pashia
Class of 2022

Abby Higgins
Class of 2022

Anna Rafanelli
Class of 2021

Amelia Parker

Lucy Robbins

Brett Flessner
Class of 2021

Cristina Aurora Hernandez

Joellen Lind Satterlee
Visiting Professor

Demetrius Patterson 

Nicole Bieganski

Leonard F. Reinart
Class of 2022 

David E. Faich
Class of 2022 

Ebru Basaran-Shull
Class of 2021

Lynn Hanley


Honorable Robert J. Anderson
Retired Circuit Judge, DuPage County 

Barry Sullivan
Cooney & Conway Chair in Advocacy and
George Anastaplo Professor of Constitutional Law and History

Ted Mahan
Class of 2020

Hannah Gray
Class of 2022 

Dora Jacks
Law Registrar

Helena Lundgren Doyle
Managing Director
Rule of Law for Development Program 

Aveleigh S. Osei-Hyiaman
Class of 2021 

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Neil Williams (JD 1982)

Sari W. Montgomery (JD 1994)

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Monica Hon (JD 2004)

Michael Sennett (JD 1977)

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