Loyola University Chicago

Law Scholarship Recipients

Deshaies, Elizabeth



Elizabeth Deshaies
Margaret, Agnes and Rose Kennedy Scholarship

Expected year of graduation: 2014
Any other scholarships received while here at Loyola Honors-at-Entrance Scholarship
Undergraduate Institution/Degree/Major American University
International Service
Hometown Houston, TX


What attracted you to Loyola:
I was attracted to Loyola for its commitment to service and experiential learning.

What is the greatest learning experience you have had at Loyola:
Being able to apply what I have learned in my first year classes to situations in the news, like tort reform & the subprime mortgage crisis, have greatly helped me to start exploring the many career options that stem from a legal background.

Who inspires you and Why:
I was inspired to go to law school by the women I worked with at Women in Law and Development in Africa, and NGO in Accra, Ghana.

Extracurricular Activities Hobbies and Interests:
International Law Society (board), Immigrants' Rights Coalition, Public Interest Law Society, Women's Law Society

Area of legal interest and or your intended practice area upon graduation:
International human rights law, focused on the issues surrounding development.