Loyola University Chicago

Law Scholarship Recipients

Malavolti, Gabriel



Gabriel Malavolti
Kenneth J. Adreani Scholarship

Expected year of graduation: 2014
Any other scholarships received while here at Loyola  
Undergraduate Institution/Degree/Major St. Joseph College/B.A./Political Science
Hometown Rockford, IL


What attracted you to Loyola:

The alumni network and overall friendly atmosphere.

What is the greatest learning experience you have had at Loyola:

That being smart has to be coupled with hard work and that I must be willing to learn from those around me.

Who inspires you and Why:

Mother Theresa, because she had no innate talents to speak of, yet she changed the world forever through hard-work and charity.

Extracurricular Activities Hobbies and Interests:

Youth Minister in Geneva. Love anything active outside. Reading. Sports. World Religions. Politics. Bust mostly I love being with people and trying to show the world that life is great even in the midst of struggle.

Community service or other volunteer activities:
I help my family of 17 adopted children with as much as I can. I plan and operate service projects with my Youth Group.

Area of legal interest and or your intended practice area upon graduation:
I want to make a difference in whatever opportunities I get. Eventually I would like to end up in Politics, perhaps via tax law.