Loyola University Chicago

Law Scholarship Recipients

Morton, Jonathan



Jonathan Morton
John R. Jozwiak Scholarship

Expected year of graduation: 2013
Any other scholarships received while here at Loyola Honors at Entrance Scholarship
Undergraduate Institution/Degree/Major University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Hometown Charleston, IL


What attracted you to Loyola:
Loyola is well known for its advocacy program and has a great reputation among practicing attorneys.

What is the greatest learning experience you have had at Loyola:
The first day we went to see a trial for our first-year legal writing class was fascinating. I loved being in the courtroom, seeing the attorneys interact with the jury and witnesses, and just being able to see what a trial is all about.

Who inspires you and Why:
I come from a blue-collar background, and both sides of my family come from farmers. I remember at a young age only very infrequently seeing my father because he worked two full-time jobs to support us. My dad is one of the hardest working people that I know, and that inspires me to work hard. I know that he is more proud of my accomplishments than anyone.

Extracurricular Activities Hobbies and Interests:
I am currently the publicity chair for the student bar association, and I am on the family law moot-court team. I also law clerk at a general commercial practice. I also bar tend on the side.

Community service or other volunteer activities:
Last school-year, I worked at Sheriff Dart's office examining mortgage foreclosure documents for people who had been or were to be evicted; I did a day at Just the Beginning Foundation where I acted as a facilitator in a mock debate for current high-school students; I also tutored juniors preparing for the ACT exam; and I helped raise money for a non-profit who defended families who were wrongfully accused of abuse by DCFS.

Area of legal interest and or your intended practice area upon graduation:
Right now, I am not 100% sure about the path I will take. However, I am currently interested in corporate law, tax-law, and estate law.