Loyola University Chicago

Law Scholarship Recipients

Reynolds, Ian



Ian Reynolds
The Hon. Sandra J. Otaka Scholarship

Expected year of graduation: 2012
Any other scholarships received while here at Loyola  
Undergraduate Institution/Degree/Major University of Wisconsin-Madison / B.A. History, Certificate African Studies
Hometown Wheaton, IL


What attracted you to Loyola:
I was attracted by the reputation, facilities and location.

What is the greatest learning experience you have had at Loyola:
I've learned the value of hard work and collaboration.  Through everyday coursework, group projects and competition, I've learned the importance of having reliable teammates and trusting one another to get the job done correctly. 

Who inspires you and Why:
I'm inspired by all the amazing Loyola alumni I've met in my work and networking experiences.  I'm further inspired by all of my brilliant classmates.

Extracurricular Activities Hobbies and Interests:
I've served as the president of APALSA since December, 2010.  I've been a member of the Loyola University Chicago Law Journal for two years, most recently as a Lead Articles Editor.  I've spent the past year and a half as a law clerk at Schuyler, Roche & Crisham in downtown Chicago.

Community service or other volunteer activities:
I've participated in numerous volunteering opportunities through my various roles in APALSA.

Area of legal interest and or your intended practice area upon graduation:
I hope to become involved in corporate litigation upon my graduation.