Loyola University Chicago

Human Resources

Recruitment and Employment

The recruitment and selection process for open staff positions is directed and monitored by Human Resources. Qualified internal candidates are given preference for open positions. All employment and starting salary offers are to be made by Human Resources.

This policy will attempt to achieve the cooperation of Loyola University Chicago (University) Departments and Human Resources in a coordinated effort designed to recruit and select the best qualified candidates available for open staff positions while conforming to all legal requirements.

This policy covers all recruitment and selection activity for approved full- and part-time staff (non-faculty) positions.

Human Resources initiates the recruitment effort for positions which have been approved through the University's requisition process.

  • A hiring Department, in consultation with Human Resources, may restrict initial recruitment efforts to qualified candidates internal to the department. All employees in a hiring Department should be notified by posting or memo of the open position. Documentation of this notification should be forwarded to Human Resources.
  • If an internal departmental candidate is not selected, Human Resources will post the open position in the Job Opportunities Bulletin for distribution throughout the University and may simultaneously begin external recruitment. When feasible, fully qualified applicants from within the University will be referred to the hiring Department for interview prior to external applicants. If applicable, the hiring Department should communicate to Human Resources reasons why interviewed internal candidates are not suitable for the open position.
  • Human Resources directs and approves external recruitment efforts including the placement of all advertisements, including printed and electronic media. If the open position is identified by Human Resource, as underutilized in the University's Affirmative Action Plan, additional recruitment efforts designed to attract qualified candidates as shared in the University’s Equal Opportunity, Affirmative Action and Nondiscrimination Policy may be employed. Search firms will be monitored by Human Resource and Search Committees (Committee) will attempt to include a professional Human Resource representative as a member and/or resource to the Committee.
  • Interviews may not be conducted by the hiring Department without the approval and referral of the candidate by Human Resources.
  • All reference checks, notification of rejected candidates, and hiring/salary offers are the responsibility of Human Resources. As part of the employment offer, exempt employees will be quoted a weekly or bi-weekly salary; and non-exempt employees will be quoted both a weekly and an hourly rate.


  • Make the selection decision consistent with this policy.
  • Submit to Human Resources documentation citing the reasons for their selection decision(s) and/or the rejection of candidates. Hiring offers ordinarily will not be made by Human Resources without this required documentation.

Human Resources:

  • Manages and monitors each phase of the recruitment/selection and placement process.
  • Attempts to assure that all hiring decisions are consistent with the University's equal employment opportunity policy.
  • Preserves all documentation on all placements in underutilized positions.

Revised: 2/23/24