Loyola University Chicago

Human Resources

Employment Review Period

Any person newly hired into a regular position serves an employment review period of ninety (90) calendar days beginning the first day on the job. If, at any time during this period, the employee is clearly not suitable for the job, he or she may be released from employment without recourse to progressive discipline or the complaint procedure. 

Any current employee placed into a different position through promotion, transfer, demotion or re-organization also serves a 90-day review period. Current employees may be released from employment at any time during this review period without recourse to progressive discipline but may use the complaint procedure. If released from employment for reasons not involving misconduct at anytime during this 90-day review period, the University and its subsidiaries will attempt to place the employee in another suitable, open position for 90 days after termination.

The University's and Medical Center's mission of patient care and education requires the best employees available. The employment review-period allows both the department manager and the employee time to evaluate the feasibility of continued employment.

This policy applies to all persons employed, promoted, transferred, or downgraded into positions ordinarily filled by regular full- or part-time employees.

I. The supervisor of a review-period employee will attempt to formally assess the employee's progress periodically during the 90 days. These reviews shall be documented by memo to both the employee and Campus Human Resources.
  • Any performance issues of serious concern ordinarily will be noted in the supervisor's memo with a specific time given for improvement. Inability to meet the position's requirements may result in termination prior to the completion of the full 90-day period.
  • Misconduct by a review-period employee which would ordinarily result in a written disciplinary action for a regular employee is grounds for immediate termination.
  • Written documentation of the issue identified ordinarily will be completed by the department and submitted to Human Resources before terminating the employee in the review-period.

II. On occasion, the standard review-period may not allow a supervisor to adequately evaluate an employee's suitability for continued employment. Within the last 30 days of the review-period, a supervisor may request, in writing, that Campus Human Resources extend the period by another 30 days. If approved, the employee shall be informed, in writing, by the supervisor that the review-period is extended, for one time, an additional 30 days, with the whole period not exceeding 120 calendar days. 

III. Any exempt employee released from employment during the review-period will be paid the appropriate percentage of a full-week's salary.

I. Administrative Director, Department Head, and Supervisor will attempt to:

  • Evaluate the performance of the review-period employee.
  • Consult with Campus Human Resources concerning the results of the employee conferences and the potential need to extend the review-period.
  • Decide whether the employee satisfactorily completed the review period and may continues in employment.

II. Review-Period Employee:

  • Communicates all job-related questions to the appropriate manager.
  • Meets improvement goals as documented by departmental memo.
  • Decides whether the position meets his or her expectations for continued employment.

III. Campus Human Resources:

  • Consults with department managers concerning the progress of the review-period employee and approves any extension.
  • Approves the department's decision to terminate a review-period employee.
  • Determines whether a terminated review-period employee may be suitable for possible placement in another position.