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Human Resources

Employment Review Period

Staff employees hired into a regular full or part-time regular position serve a review period of ninety (90) calendar days beginning the first day in the position. This time frame allows the employee an opportunity to assess their new responsibilities and relationships, as well as the supervisor to review and assess performance.

If at any time during this period the employee is clearly not suitable for the job, they may be released from employment without recourse to progressive discipline. 

Any current staff employee placed into a different position through promotion, transfer, demotion, or re-organization will also serve a 90-day review period. For reasons other than misconduct, the University will attempt to assist the employee in finding another suitable position within the University, when possible, if there is a decision made during the review period not to have the employee continue in the position.

The employment review period allows both the department supervisor and the employee time to evaluate the feasibility of continued employment. 

This policy applies to all full or part-time regular staff employed, promoted, transferred, or downgraded into newly occupied positions.


  1. The supervisor of a review-period staff employee will assess the employee's progress periodically during the 90 days.
    • Any performance issues of serious concern should be reported to Human Resources during the review period.
    • Supervisors should convey any concern about performance to the employee during the review period with the intent to allow improvement.
    • Any determination to end employment during the 90-day review period requires the approval of Human Resources.
  2. On occasion, the standard review-period may not allow a supervisor to adequately evaluate an employee’s suitability for continued employment. Within the last 30 days of the review-period, a supervisor may request that Human Resources extend the review period by another 30 days. If approved, the employee shall be informed in writing by the supervisor that the review-period has been extended.
  3. Any exempt employee released from employment during the review-period will be paid the appropriate percentage of a full-week's salary.



  • Should evaluate performance of their employee during the 90-day review period.
  • Consult with Human Resources as needed as related to any concerns.
  • Determine if the employee is satisfactorily completing the review period and appears suited for the position.

Review-Period Employee:

  • Should communicate with their supervisor about all job-related questions.
  • Decide whether the position meets their expectations for continued employment.

Human Resources:

  • Consults with the employee’s supervisor concerning any performance concerns and approves any extension, if needed, to the review period.
  • Approves any decision to terminate a review-period employee.
  • Determines whether an employee who has not made it through the review period successfully may be suitable for possible placement in another position.

Revised: 11/10/21, 2/21/24