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Human Resources


Non-exempt employees are eligible for overtime pay for hours worked in excess of 40 during any seven-day period beginning with a Sunday and ending with a Saturday. Non-exempt and professional hourly employees may be granted compensatory time off within any two-week pay period.

This policy gives guidance to all sectors of the University and its subsidiaries by establishing consistency of pay practices complying with the Fair Labor Standards Act.

All non-exempt and professional hourly employees are covered by this policy.


  • Non-exempt and professional hourly employees will be paid overtime at one-and-one-half their base rate of pay for all hours worked in excess of 40 hours in a work week.
  • Non-exempt or professional hourly employee who works overtime must be compensated under the terms of this policy. Unauthorized overtime may subject the employee to serious disciplinary action. 
  • Actual hours worked and holiday pay are counted toward overtime hours. Sick, vacation, personal, bonus or "T"-time are not counted. No non-exempt employee may "volunteer" to work unrecorded time or refuse to record actual hours worked on a timecard.
  • Exempt employees are not eligible for overtime pay.
  • Compensatory time off may be substituted for paid overtime under the following conditions:
  • A non-exempt employee working beyond their normal schedule of hours in any one day may be requested by the supervisor to take time off during another day of the same work week on an hour-for-hour basis.
  • Time worked in excess of 40 hours during the first work week of a two-week pay period may be compensated through time off during the second week at a rate of one-and-one-half hours per hour worked. (e.g., An employee working 42 hours during the first week should be given three hours off (1.5 x 2 hours) the second week). 
  • No compensatory time off may be carried over from one two-week pay period to another pay period. If an employee cannot be scheduled for time off, the hours must be paid as overtime.
  • Any employee working both an exempt and non-exempt job will be paid time-and-one-half the base rate of the non-exempt job for any hours worked in excess of 40 hours for the entire work week. Any employee working under two or more budgets will be paid overtime from the budget in which the overtime hours are actually worked.

Loyola's healthcare component may adopt any appropriate overtime standard available to hospitals and other healthcare providers.


  • Supervisors are responsible for calculating timecards making sure that authorized compensatory time is taken by the employee when appropriate and that all overtime is correctly recorded.
  • Payroll monitors timecards for accuracy of calculations.
  • Human Resources, in conjunction with Payroll, will provide training sessions to facilitate implementation of this policy.

Revised: 2/22/24