Loyola University Chicago

Human Resources

Pay Classification

All Staff employees are assigned to positions with accountabilities described in writing and classified in categories defined as exempt, or non-exempt. Exempt employees are not subject to the overtime provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). 

This policy establishes the appropriate pay practices for exempt, and non-exempt staff employees. 

All staff employees, assigned to regular full or part-time positions, temporary or casual, who are paid by Loyola University Chicago are covered by this policy. 

Notwithstanding the provisions of any other policy or practice, employees classified by the University as exempt are paid a weekly salary irrespective of the time required to complete their work. Pay practices for full-time exempt employees include the following: 

  • Payments of a full day's salary (the applicable percentage of the weekly salary) not withstanding actual hours worked. There is no premium for extra hours of work nor any deduction for partial-day absences.
  • Disciplinary action, such as suspension, may decrease the weekly salary.
  • An employee will receive the agreed-upon weekly salary for any week in which a designated holiday falls, provided they work or are paid through time-off banks for the day before and after the holiday.
  • Vacation and sick time will be accrued each pay period. Only whole days will be deducted from paid time off banks corresponding to a percentage of the weekly salary.

Pay practices for non-exempt employees include the following:

  • Payment for hours worked including overtime after 40 hours in a work-week at 1 1/2 times the regular hourly rate.
  • Disciplinary action may include suspension without pay during a work week.
  • Except for part-time non-exempt employees, holidays will be paid if an employee either works or is paid from time-off banks for the regularly scheduled work day before and after the holiday.
  • For eligible full and part-time employees, sick and vacation time will accrue bi-weekly and may be deducted from accrued banks in 15-minute increments.
  • For eligible employees, all premium pay will be calculated on an hourly basis.

Administrative Directors, Department Heads, Managers and Supervisors will attempt to: 

  • Inform all employees of the provisions of this policy.
  • Review and approve the calendar days paid to each staff employee from sick, vacation, and personal banks, most of which will be done via Kronos time reporting,
  • Inform Human Resources concerning any issues arising from the implementation of this policy.

Revised: 1/13/20, 2/22/24