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Human Resources

Policy on Policies

The purpose of the Loyola University Human Resources' Policies is to develop guidelines for assisting Administration in accomplishing its goals and in furthering the mission of Loyola University Chicago. This policy establishes responsibility and authority for policy approval, communication, interpretation, and implementation.

It is the University's objective to seek equitable and consistent Human Resource policies and practices applicable to all Chicago area campuses of Loyola University Chicago. University policies and procedures will be adapted, with Human Resources' approval, for special department of divisional needs, or, for example, for the Rome Center Campus, to conform to Italian law and customs.

It is the responsibility of each administrator to be familiar with Human Resources' policies and to carry-out the policies in a manner consistent with the University's goal for excellence in higher education and overall employee relations.

The policies and practices established herein apply to all regular full- and part-time employees (policies applicable to faculty are noted). The contents of Loyola University Chicago’s Human Resources' policies are not applicable to the following groups of employees: Officers, work study students, graduate and teaching assistants, and others whose employment is a function of their degree programs, float pool employees, temporary employees, and employees covered by collectible bargaining agreements where Human Resources' Policies are in conflict or inconsistent with the terms of contract. Unless otherwise noted in a specific policy, grant employees in grant funded positions are covered in the same manner as regular employees.

Information/Rights Reserved
Human Resources' Policies responds to many complex legal, social, and general employment issues affecting everyone in the workplace. The University reserves the right to amend, modify, or discontinue all or any part of the policies, procedures and/or programs covered to conform to legal or organization needs. Additionally, particular situations may be governed by formal plan documents established for the benefit programs. The Human Resources' Policies serves as an overall guideline and nothing in the policies constitutes an employment contract between Loyola University Chicago and any of its employees. Employment with and compensation from the University is not guaranteed and may be ended by the employee or Loyola University Chicago at any time. 


Human Resource Management:

  • Determines the need for and the content of policies and procedures in consultation with senior administration, directors, and managers throughout the University. Interprets current policies, practices, and procedures and provides advice and counsel regarding necessary action to take regarding any deviations from policy. Reviews policies and practices with Human Resources and representatives from operating units, for input and review of implementation and administration.
  • Maintain up-to-date knowledge of the University's policies and support their application.
  • Administer established policies and practices fairly and consistently.
  • Recommend new policies or modifications to existing policies to support efficient and equitable Human Resources' practices.

Directors, Managers, and Supervisors:

  • Maintain up-to-date knowledge of the University's policies and support their application.
  • Administer established policies and practices fairly and consistently.
  • Seek assistance, interpretation, and procedural guidelines from the Human Resources Department when clarification of policies and/or practices is needed.


Vice President, Human Resource & CHRO
Consults with administrators and shared governance advisory bodies as appropriate in the development or modification of HR policies. Approves changes not requiring the President’s approval. (For example, to conform to legislative or administrative requirements or policies without significant financial impact.) Implements, interprets, and maintains all approved University Human Resource policies and procedures.

Shared Governance
See Description of Shared Governance Bodies 

Approves all new or changed policies and procedures having University-wide and/or significant financial impact. 

Human Resources' Policies and other University Policies can be found here. 

Exceptions to a policy or procedure may be requested under unusual conditions or situations. Such requests must be in writing and approved by the Vice President, Human Resource, in advance of implementation.

Revised: 9/08, 10/6/23, 2/23/24