Loyola University Chicago

Human Resources

Vacation Policy

It is the policy of Loyola University Chicago to provide a vacation allotment to staff employees according to the employee's job code or exempt/non-exempt status and length of continuous years of University service since the most recent date of regular employment. Part-time employees accrue vacation time on a pro-rated basis.
Annually, employees need time away from the workplace.  Loyola encourages staff to take time away from work to rest, relax and recharge.  In doing so, staff return to work refreshed and can continue to provide excellent service to University students, faculty, staff, visitors and guests.
This policy applies to employees of Loyola University Chicago (LUC) who are regular status, full- and part-time staff (scheduled to work at least 20 hours), primarily working at the Lakeside campuses; and LUC employees who are primarily located at the Maywood campus (e.g. University – Health Sciences Division [SSOM & NSON], etc.).  Staff employees who are paid monthly are not covered by this policy.  Work schedule and time off for monthly paid staff is determined with their department head.
A. Eligibility and Accrual
Paid vacation time is accrued bi-weekly according to the following schedule:
Full Time Staff (1.0 FTE):
Employee GroupYears of Service

1 year

5 years

10 years

20 years

Administrative Directors and above

4 weeks



5 weeks

Exempt Staff

3 weeks


4 weeks

5 weeks

Non-exempt Staff

2 weeks

3 weeks

4 weeks

5 weeks

If you are a 9, 10, or 11 month exempt staff member on the monthly payroll, you do not accrue paid vacation time. 
Part Time Staff:  (There is no classification of exempt, part-time employees. All employees with an FTE less than 1.00 are classified as non-exempt.)
FTE StatusYears of Service

Hours/Week worked

37.5 hour work week

40.0 hour work week

1 Year

5 Years

10 Years

20 Years

30 hrs/week or more

0.80 up to 0.99

0.80 up to 0.99

8 days

12 days

16 days

20 days

24 hrs/week or less than 30

0.64 up to 0.79

0.60 up to 0.79

6 days

8 days

10 days

15 days

20 hrs/wk or less than 24

0.53 up to 0.63

0.50 up to 0.59

5 days



10 days

Vacation time accruals are updated each pay period.
The maximum vacation accrual of vacation time for regular full-time employees is twice the annual vacation allotment, but not to exceed 40 days (eight weeks). For eligible regular part-time employees the maximum accrual of vacation time is also twice the annual vacation eligibility, but not to exceed 35 days.
B.  Scheduling of Vacation
Newly-hired employees begin accruing vacation time immediately, but are not eligible to use it until they have completed 6 months of employment.
Vacation time may be scheduled during any time throughout the year, based on the operational needs of the department. Requests for vacation and scheduling must be approved by the department supervisor. 
If a holiday falls within a full-time employee’s paid vacation time, the day will be paid as holiday pay.
C.  Pay in Lieu of Vacation
Employees are encouraged to take their vacation.  Therefore, pay in lieu of vacation is normally not granted.  An exception may be approved when an employee is requested to forego vacation to complete essential work.  Exceptions to policy require the approval of the Vice President of Human Resources.
D.  Change of Status, Company Transfers, Paid/Unpaid Leave of Absence or Termination of Employment
When employees change their status from full-time to part-time, they will receive a payout of all accrued vacation time to avoid reaching limits on maximum vacation accruals.
When employees decrease their scheduled work hours below 20 hours/week (benefits-eligible status) they will receive a payout of all accrued vacation time.
When an employee changes to Long Term Disability (LTD) status, they will receive a payout of all accrued vacation time.
Employees will not accrue vacation time while on a paid or unpaid leave of absence.
A benefit eligible full-time and part time employee of LUC and LUMC cannot transfer unused vacation time accrual when the employee terminates employment at the original employer and is hired at the new employer. All unused vacation time accrual will be paid out to the employee upon termination of employment.  Please refer to the "Transfer of Employee Service Credit LUC/LUMC" policy. 
Accrued vacation time will be paid to employees who terminate employment.  Vacation time cannot be used for the last day worked.
  • EmployeeIt is the responsibility of the employee to make all requests for vacation to the supervisor in a timely manner as set by department procedure.
  • DepartmentEvery supervisor is responsible for scheduling and documenting vacation time used by exempt and non-exempt employees and authorizing the Payroll Department’s payment of vacation time in accordance with this policy.
  • Human ResourcesLUC Human Resources has the responsibility for interpreting and administering the vacation policy and the authority to make exceptions.