The Criminal Law Mock Trial Team

From left to right: 1) Casey Callahan, 2) Molly Stone, 3) Angela Yeh, and 4) Teasha Dogra.

The Criminal Law Mock Trial Team competes in the fall semester only.  The team travels to a national invitational competition, competing against teams from law schools with some of the best advocacy departments in the country. Students work on trial practice skills by analyzing their case; developing a case theory; writing direct and cross examinations, opening statements and closing arguments; arguing motions in limine; working with team members to create a cohesive trial strategy; and practicing each of these skills on their feet.  Coaches work closely with the students to provide feedback and instruction regarding the substance of their work and quality of their presentation.

Regular practices are held in the evening three nights per week with additional practices on the weekends as competition nears.  Students will also attend a bootcamp prior to the start of the season.

A number of skilled trial attorneys volunteer their time to work with the team in preparation for competition.  The team has a core group of coaches who work with the students each week.  In addition, attorneys volunteer their time to spar with the students in full-length trials.

Competitions Attended

2021-2022: National Criminal Trial Advocacy Competition - Fourth Place
2018–2019: National Criminal Trial Advocacy Competition – Third Place
2017–2018: National Criminal Trial Advocacy Competition – Quarter Finalists
2015–2016: Buffalo-Niagara National Invitational – Semi-finalist
2014–2015: National Criminal Trial Advocacy Competition – Fifth Place
2013–2014: Buffalo-Niagara National Invitational – Tenth Place
2012–2013: Georgetown White Collar Mock Trial Competition
2011–2012: Buffalo-Niagara National Invitational – Third Place