Planning and executing an event is the responsibility of the individual or team who propose to hold the event. The administration must be notified of events that occur on campus or affiliated with the School of Law (outside of day-to-day or internal group meetings). 

First, determine the type of event you propose to hold and follow the steps to receive approval and/or to begin planning.

What Type of Event Will You be Holding?
  • General Events are a part of the day-to-day life of the School of Law.  They draw an internal audience and often require only a room reservation, available classroom technology, an announcement, and minimal or no budget.  Examples of these events include student organization meetings and brown-bag lunch lectures.
  • Major Events require more time and planning and often are higher-profile.  These might draw audiences internally, from Loyola alumni, or from the wider public. They will often require elements such as media and technology support, advance invitations, advertisements, catering, housekeeping, etc.  Examples of these events include conferences, symposia, receptions, and dinners.

The Office of Alumni Relations may be available to assist in publicizing select events to alumni and assisting with specific logistics of FAN events, major colloquia, symposia, or internal group events. If your event falls under one of these categories and you would like assistance from the Office of Alumni Relations, please complete the online form, which will be reviewed within five business days of receipt. Completion of this form does not guarantee assistance from the Office of Alumni Relations and is based on staff availability.