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September 2-December 4

2019-20 Faculty Speaker Series

The Faculty Speaker Series brings to campus distinguished legal scholars to discuss current and emerging issues of law related to their areas of interest and expertise.


September 20

An Evening of Remembrance: The Chicago Race Riots of 1919

Reflections on Our City’s Past, Our Present Reality, and Our Collective Vision for Our Future


October 10

Going After the Helpers: A Humanitarian Advocate Targeted by the U.S. Government for her work at the Border

Nora Phillips will offer a powerful account of her work as the co-founder of the non-profit organization, Al Otro Lado, which provides legal and mental health services to immigrants, refugees, and deportees, in Los Angeles and Tijuana. Phillips is a plaintiff in a First Amendment lawsuit after she and two other humanitarians were placed on a secret government watch list to gather information and disrupt their work. READ MORE

October 17

2019 Wing-Tat Lee Lecture in International Law

Climate change is one of the cruelest manifestations of injustice confronting humanity. This lecture will examine the relationship between climate change, racial subordination, and the capitalist world economy, in an effort to evaluate the evolving legal and policy responses to climate change-induced displacement. READ MORE 

October 25

Investors and the Rule of Law

Recently, unprecedented challenges to the rule of law within the United States and across the world compromised individual rights and constraints on political power. This conference will explore the current threat to the rule of law as it relates to public investors. Topics discussed will include the misconduct of megabanks, the fairness of securities markets, and the availability of investor remedies. READ MORE 

November 1

Trauma at the Border and Beyond: Advocating for Unaccompanied Immigrant Children

This symposium will explore many of the current issues surrounding immigration as it relates to children and youth. Distinguished speakers will discuss the challenges unaccompanied immigrant children face in the legal system, as well as the legal and ethical issues related to representing unaccompanied minors. The symposium will also delve into topics such as trauma, immigration policy, and mental health.


February 21

The Rooftops Conference Chicago 2020

Panelists from the not-for-profit sector, the real estate industry, and other professions will explore themes illustrating how not-for-profit executives, staff, and board members can collaborate in addressing real estate and space needs in achieving their organizations’ core objectives. The Conference is a forum for meaningful discussion and also a chance to interact with peers in the social sector and the real estate industry. READ MORE