Students and guests may access a full listing of our course catalog via the University’s student information system, LOCUS.  Current students, faculty, and staff may login into LOCUS using your universal ID and password. Guests, including prospective students, should click the “Guest Access to LOCUS” to review course information.

Course Catalog
The course catalog lists all courses the University offers by discipline. To view all Law courses (JD, MJ, LLM, and certificates), choose “L” and then “Law.”  It is best to use the navigation features within LOCUS rather than your browser’s back/forward navigation. Access Course Catalog

Class Search
If you are interested in learning more about what courses are offered in a given term, you should use the “Perform Course Search” function in LOCUS.  Choose the term of interest; select the subject “Law”; and the course career.  For JD courses, the course career should be “Law.” For MJ, certificates, and LLM courses, to view the full array of courses, you may want to review the course career of “Law” and of “Graduate.” Access Class Search