Friday, September 10, 2021
Loyola University Chicago School of Law
25. E. Pearson St. Chicago

Hosted by Loyola University Chicago’s nationally acclaimed Beazley Institute for Health Law and Policy, the Wiet Life Science Law Scholars Conference conference is designed to provide an intellectual venue for life science professors, scholars, and practitioners to convene and discuss current research and scholarship.  The phrase “life science law” intends to capture diverse disciplines that involve significant issues of life science research and development, spanning food and drug law, health law, intellectual property (IP) law, biotechnology law, environmental law, administrative law, and antitrust law.  Our goal is to foster recognition of life science law as a cohesive, dynamic area of legal study and strengthen connections among national life science law scholars.

Loyola is currently soliciting 750-1,000 word abstracts reflecting early or mid-stage ideas for the purpose of workshopping with other conference scholars.  Modeled after successful events for law professors and scholars in other areas, we will organize scholars in topical panels of three to five authors with approximately 15 minutes allotted to each abstract presentation, followed by 15 minutes of intensive discussion with scholar attendees.  Author abstracts will be distributed one week prior to the conference to scholar participants; authors may also submit draft articles for distribution.  Scholars are expected to review materials of fellow panel members.

Conference Organizers:
Professor Cynthia Ho, cho@luc.edu
Professor Jordan Paradise, jparadise@luc.edu

Program Administrator:
Janet Howe, health-law@luc.edu