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Policy Changelog

1.3.1 Policy Modifications and Amendments Change Log

This section serves as a changelog identifying past policy modifications and amendments for historical purposes. Updates to this page may occur from time to time, in order to correct broken links.

  • Modification to Accessing The Program, subsection 2.1 Requirements for Access (01/11/21)
    Removed the requirement to have or present a Loyola ID, as issued by the lakeside Campus Card Offices. This enables Health Science Campus employees paid through the University Lawson system to access reservations and circulate equipment. In lieu of a Loyola ID, individuals must then present a government-issued identification document to verify identity in order to proceed with checkouts or returns.

  • Update to Acceptable Use, subsection 3.1 Examples of Acceptable Use (04/08/20)
    Removal of old example referencing "short-term loan", as that specific service has been removed and equipment integrated into our normal loan durations and processes.
  • Addition to During Your Loan, 8.2 Filming and Content Creation Requests (12/18/19)
    Adding a new section that reiterates loan communications immediately after a checkout is created/picked up, indicating the first 12-hours of a loan to report any damages or condition if not identified at the time of checkout will be documented accordingly. Any damages or issues reported after this window or at the time of return will be assumed the responsibility of the contracted individual.

  • Addition to During Your Loan, 8.2 Filming and Content Creation Requests (12/18/19)
    Added a link to the Digital Media Services - Media Production Studio request form and services as an option for internal requests for content creation, limited to faculty and staff, and dependent on the scope of the service requested.

  • Expanding Satisfactory Condition details and repercussions (12/18/19)
    Updates to Check-Ins & Return, Fines & Payments, and Accessing The Program subsections. These updates identify more granularity in the review process, some additional considerations we assess related to satisfactory condition including cleanliness (odor-free, moisture/residue-free, etc), and subsequent repercussions including fines and/or limiting access to the loan program.
  • Merging Short-Term Loan Resources into Long-Term Loan (08/26/19)
    Effective Fall 2019, equipment previously considered 'short-term loan' have been moved into the 'long-term loan' category and loan rooms, enabling further availability beyond 3-hour maximum loan. Cables and adapters will remain available for walk-up requests only, while other resource such as laptops and headphones will be available by reservation as well. IC Group Study Room Marker Kits will remain available to circulate from IC2. (References to Short-Term Loan have been removed from subsections 4.1 Loan Limits, 6.2 Self-Service Reservations and 11.2.2 Fine Rates by Equipment Category).
  • Modification to Circulation Limits, subsection 5.1 Email (04/05/19)
    Email list removes older addressed no longer in use (helpdesk, elp-notifications, noreply-equipmentloan).
  • Modification to Circulation Limits, subsection 4.3 Equipment Category Limits (04/05/19)
    Equipment Category Limit added for Bluetooth Speakers with a maximum limit of 2 per client.
  • Modification to Circulation Limits, subsection 4.1.2 Long-Term Loan (01/13/19)
    Circulation Limits for all equipment have been increased from a maximum of 5-Days per loan to 7-Days.
  • Modification to Equipment Loan Contract (10/03/18)
    References within the printed Equipment Loan Contract have been updated to replace specific "Digital Media Services" or "DMS Staff" words to the more generic "Checkout Center" or "Checkout Center Operator" terms. These textual changes will help to avoid confusion as other on-campus departments actively use the WebCheckout system for resource circulation.
  • Modification to Overdue & Unreturned Equipment, subsection 10.6.1 Fines due to Recovered Equipment (10/02/18)
    Updating Recovered Equipment policy that eligibility of fine appeal options are to be determined on a case-by-case basis, rather than such appeals being entirely ineligible.
  • Modification to Circulation Limits, subsection 4.1.2 Long-Term Loan Equipment (08/26/18)
    Extended circulation limits for Calculators, Webcams and Headsets from 5-Day to 7-Day.
  • Addition of links for Guidelines for Recording Students During Online Classes (02/02/18)
    Links to Office of Online Learning guidelines and policies added to subsections 1.2 Related ITS and University Policies and Copyright subsection 13.3.
  • Clarification added for Fine Payments and subsequent Fine Appeal Requests (12/18/17)
    Clarification identifying that submission of fine payments are final and non-refundable in 11.3 Fine Payments with additional example of 12.5 Commonly Declined Appeal Requests, 12.5.7 Appeal Submitted After Fine Invoice Paid.
  • Addition to the Reservations, subsection 6.3.3 University Holidays (11/30/17)
    Section added to clarify how full-day closures due to University Holidays impact Reservation and Checkouts.
  • Modification to Circulation Limits, subsection 4.2 Semester Usage Limits (09/29/17)
    Adjustment extending Maximum Usage Hours per Semester for Laptops from 25 days (600 hours) to 42 days (1,008 hours) to match update within Circulation System implemented at start of the semester. An additional update was made on 10/10/17 to help provide clarity on the number of total loans these limits permit.
  • Addition to Loan Communications, subsection 5.1 Email (09/29/17)
    Addition of "helpdesk" as a valid email for Digital Media Services communications as we have migrated to the same central ticketing system the ITS Helpdesk utilizes as of August 14th, 2017. A similar note is identified in the Fine Appeals subsection 12.3 Fine Appeal Form for clarity as well.
  • Addition to the Fine Appeals, subsection 12.5.7 Fine Remediation Training (8/01/17)
    Expanding opportunities related to appeals, we have a new Fine Remediation Training subsection for a one-time opportunity educating clients further about fines and the impact of late returns. Visit 12.5.7 Fine Remediation Training to learn more.
  • Modification to Fines & Payments, subsection 11.1.3 Fines for Unsatisfactory Condition and Damages (05/22/17)
    Subsection title updated from "Fines for Damages" to "Fines for Unsatisfactory Condition and Damages." Additional text added specifically in the event equipment is returned in Unsatisfactory Condition.
  • Addition to Overdue & Unreturned Equipment, subsection 10.6 Recovered Equipment (05/22/17)
    New subsection added to define and identify policies related to Recovered Equipment.
  • Modification to Introduction, subsection 1.3 Policy Modifications and Amendments (05/22/17)
    Subsection renamed from "Annual Modifications and Semester Updates" to "Policy Modifications and Amendments" for greater accuracy, moving historical annual and semester updates and changes to the 1.3.1 Policy Modifications Changelog sub-page.
  • Modification to Overdue & Unreturned Equipment, subsection 10.5.2 Access Restrictions due to Lost or Stolen Equipment (02/20/17)
    Addition of Headphones to the list of Lost or Unreturned Equipment Accessories that may result in only a Fine Invoice with no associated semester block.
  • Modification to Circulation Limits, subsection 4.3 Equipment Category Limits (10/28/16)
    Addition of Network Mini-Hubs Equipment Category with the maximum limit of 1 per client.
  • Modification to Circulation Limits, subsection 4.2 Semester Usage Limits (09/28/16)
    Adjustment extending Maximum Usage Hours per Semester for the Tablets and E-Readers equipment category from 25 days (600 hours) to 55 days (1,320 hours), per academic semester.
  • Loan Program Policies Revised (08/26/16)
    The Loan Program Policies have been overhauled and revised to meet growing demands and needs based on our clients and the expanded functions of our equipment circulation system. To review the previous Loan Program Policies from the inception of Digital Media Services in 2008 up through the Summer 2016, you may view the Loan Program Policies (01-2008 to 07-2016).pdf .
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